Published On : Tue, Jul 21st, 2015

NMC Corporator’s hubby died 3 times, loan on him goes up from Rs 6 lakh to Rs 44 lakh!

Nagpur: Don’t be surprised while reading this… The telling blunder is committed by the NMC authorities who got death of the husband of a BSP corporator, registered not one but three consecutive times. The incident came to light when corporator Kiran Patankar raised an issue in the NMC’s general body meeting held on Monday. She said that she had been approaching the NMC authorities for an explanation since last one and a half decades but to no avail. At last she raised the matter in the house. She said loan was taken in her husband’s name. Actually it was Rs 6 lakh but it was inflated to Rs 44 lakh out of which she had paid off Rs 20 lakh, she alleged.

Patankar recalled an instance in which some tricksters got her husband’s death certificate issued thrice and transferred nomination in somebody’s name without an application. The person had taken loan worth lakhs from Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar cooperative bank.

Talking to media, Patankar said that her husband was known as Dariya Rodge but property and other documents carried his name as Premkumar Manikrao Rodge. After a prolonged illness, he died on November 28, 2001. On confirmation of death from medical college, NMC issued a manual death certificate on December 12, 2001. Somebody got the death certificate converted to Premkumar Manikrao Rodge instead of Dariya Manikrao Rodge. Caste was written as Mahar.

On August 6, 2002 once more a death certificate was issued with registration no 6461. His caste was shown as Hindu Patankar filed an affidavit on the basis of ghat death certificate and got the certificate made in the name of Premkumar alias Dariya Manikrao Rodge in place of Dariya Rodge. Despite this, again a death certificate was issued with registration no 6461 and in the name of Dariya Manikrao Rodge.

She did not apply for nomination. Still there was nomination in the name of Kiran Rodge. Her husband was ailing that time. She said she still writes her name as Kiran Patankar (Rodge) so from where did the name Kiran Rodge come. Corporator Kiran patankar said that she had spent a lot of money on treatment of her husband and hence some people had advised her to take a loan of Rs 6 lakh from the bank.

She took loan of Rs 6 lakh. But after death of her husband, somebody took a loan of Rs 2.75 lakh on October 10, 2002 which was deposited in Darya Rodge’s account. Loan for two- wheeler was also taken and such instances happened several times. So far she has paid off Rs 20 lakh, she said adding that seizure notice was pasted on her house no. 409/53 in Bezonbagh Progressive Labour Housing society. She alleged that some people are conspiring to grab her property.