NMC bus drivers threaten stir on the first day of winter session

Nagpur City Bus

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Nagpur: Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) bus drivers will go on strike on the first day of the winter session by keeping the buses off the road. The reason behind this is NMC administration has not paid the dues of bus operators. If the problem is not solved immediately it is sure the govt will be in trouble.

According to the bus drivers the NMC has been flouting the rules right from the beginning and giving the wages through the bus operators. When the bus drivers raised the voice against the injustice they were warned by NMC Transport Department and DIMTS that they would be dismissed from their job. The bus drivers said, November month’s wages should be given by Dec 8 as per the rule but the inactive Transport Department and careless administration are busy showing how great they are in running the public transport. When it comes to giving monthly wages several excuses are given and blames are but on the drivers. The drivers now have threatened the NMC administration that if they are not given the wages and the pending amount by 11 December then they will unite to fight and keep the buses service suspended till they get the dues.

It is said that more than NMC it is DIMTS which has an upper hand. On Saturday and Sunday as many as 75 to 80 buses are off the road and the NMC is putting pressure to run the buses on busy routes.

According to reliable of sources from NMC’s Finance Department, during the tenure of former Municipal Commissioner the process of opening escrow account for the Transport Department contractors was over and the required amount was there but still the administration did not deposit the money. The contractors, bus operators, driver and conductors are often seen knocking the doors of NMC headquarter.

According to the sources from Municipal Commissioner’s office, on one hand NMC had asked the bus operators present their financial status in crores while NMC on the other hand it gave the credit beyond their financial status. If NMC does not settle the issue it is sure that loss and profit will come to light