NMC budget by Feb 15; May curtail budget facing acute financial shortage


The Nagpur Municipal Corporation is facing an acute financial condition. Depite this, Standing Committee chairman Narendra Borkar presented a budget worth a whopping 1,300 crore, which shocked everyone. However, the NMC has not been able to collect revenue accordingly as a result of which the municipal commissioner’s budget is expected to be cut down by 400-450 crore.

The municpal commissioner Shravan Hardikar is expected to present the budget by February 15 and a meeting in this regard was held on Tuesday where Hardikar discussed the various NMC shcemes and sources of revenue.

LBT has caused a hole in the NMC’s pocket which in turn has affected the development schemes of the NMC. The proposal of including water tax, sewage tax and road tax is also under consideration and Hardikar is contemplating of starting some new schemes which will need funds.

Former municipal commissioner Shyam Wardhane presented a 1061.51 crore budget in 2014-15, which is expected to increase by another 100 crore under Hardikar. The NMC has undertaken a recovery campaign for LBT and property tax which is expected to bring a revenue worth 135 crore.

The NMC expects 440 crore from LBT and 191.36 crore from property tax. All departments have been assigned recovery targets which are expected to be completed by March 31.