Published On : Fri, May 29th, 2015

NIT Trustees interfere in rights of Metro Region Committee

Permissions given to erect mobile towers in Metro Region

Nagpur: The State Government had constituted a committee to develop the Metro Region. In-spite of having a clear jurisdiction allocated to the Metro Region Committee, the Trustees of the Board of Nagpur Improvement Trust (NIT) are often interfering in the functioning of the Metro Region Committee and are also granting permissions and resolving issues in their jurisdiction. It will not be an exaggeration of one feels that these tactics adapted by some of the Trustees of NIT, to be a conspiracy to usurp the powers and jurisdiction areas of the Metro Region Committee.

A Board meeting of the NIT Trustees was held on Thursday, the May 28, 2015. During the meeting one of the subjects of the agenda of the NIT Board meeting was the proposal for the approval for increasing the tenure (period) of Mobile Towers and the permission for erection of new mobile towers in Metro Region area.

The tenure of all the mobile towers which were erected from April 3, 2014 to April 3, 2015 has since lapsed. The agencies erecting, manning and managing these mobile towers have not yet submitted the proposals seeking permissions for extending the tenure. NIT had issued a notice giving 30 days for the agencies to submit their proposals for extending the tenure. However, baring a few agencies, who took the issue seriously, many agencies never turned-up with the proposal for extending the tenure.

It is interesting to note here that the NIT Board on its own accord decided to increase the tenure by two months. The NIT Board also fixed the charges of Rupees two lakhs for the permission of erection of new mobile towers.

One of the points in the agenda which received the approval of all the Trustees was that a period of 6 months has been granted for the owners of the premises (on which the mobile towers are to be or are erected) and the agencies to submit all legal and relevant documents. In another strange and unexpected financially beneficial decision, the NIT Trustees decided not to cancel the permissions of such agencies (who have not submitted their documents) but to levy a fine of Rupees one lakh per month till the agency or the owner submits the documents.

The Metro Region Committee was constituted to work for the development of the Metro Region area, hence any decision that has to be taken on the development activities in their area of jurisdiction lays only with Metro Region Committee. Recently the Metro Region Committee had held its elections too. Had the issue of the permission of the Mobile Tower appeared as points of their agenda during the first meeting of office-bearers, it would have been legally tenable and appropriate. However, NIT Administration and the Trustees of the NIT Board had given their approval for the mobile towers for self gain displays their malevolence. Their action also shows their intentions to usurp the rights of Metro Region Committee.

District Secretary of Nationalist Congress Party Sinu Viyanwar alleged that NIT has worked with ulterior motives. He claimed that NIT has less manpower but jurisdiction over maximum revenue generating areas. He alleged that the revenue definitely gets generated but is seldom utilized for the developmental activities. He claimed that NIT interfering and granting permissions to the mobile towers is a clear case of usurping and reducing the powers of Metro Region Committee.

Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis is going to redress various issues during the Samadan Shibir in his own constituency of South West Nagpur. Had NIT maintained the same speed and agility shown regularly by NIT in redressing various grievances from this area, there would be zero grievances in no time.

This would also reduce various illegal activities going on in these areas. Presently the Samadhan Shibir (Redressal Campaigns) is going to be held in South West Constituency of Nagpur. However, will the remaining 11 constituencies of Nagpur districts get the benefit of Samadhan Shibirs (Redressal Campaigns)?

– Rajeev Ranjan Kushwaha ( )