Published On : Mon, Jun 1st, 2015

NIT demolishes illegal flat built by Kishore Rai

  • Flat was made in parking space and sold
  • Buyer of the flat sold back the flat to builder by taking lakhs of rupees

Nagpur: The working style of Nagpur Improvement Trust (NIT) has become so bad that unless someone hassles their officials over some issue, nothing ever moves. To add to that if they sealed envelopes (with the obvious), then the speed of their functioning is worth measuring, then even if the work is illegal they don’t mind doing it. A similar incident occurred with the controversial builder Kishore Rai. When the pressure increased from conscientious citizens, the Anti Encroachment Wing of Nagpur Improvement Trust demolished the illegal structure erected by Kishore Rai amidst strong police escort.

According to sources, Kishore Rai had started to build the Rajat Heights cum Residential Scheme in 2006. The construction was on even in 2009. By the end of 2009, the construction work on two buildings was almost over. In the first building there were 128 flats and 140 shops and in the second building, 68 flats were constructed. Both the buildings were seven floors high.

The builder had constructed 800-1000 square feet of godown in the first building and had built a two BHK flat in the second building and planned to sell the flat.

In 2010, he got into a scuffle with a flat owner. This resulted in the flat owners lodging a complaint with the NIT authorities. This in-turn caused the NIT officials to demolish the flat illegally constructed flat in the parking lot. The flat constructed in the parking space of the second building was sold to his son-in-law Gopal Chokse who started living there.

Sources claimed that there were multiple inconveniences which the flat owners experienced. When the flat owners met the builder with their demands, he abused them and a dispute arose between the flat owners and the builder. Irked by the behavior of builder Kishore Rai the flat owners started to search for all the illegal constructions and encroachments made by Kishore Rai.

To add to this, there was a big dispute between Kishore Rai and his son-in-law Gopal Chokse. Finally, one year back, Gopal Chokse returned the flat back to the builder after receiving Rs 25 lakhs.

Sources claimed that when the delegation of flat owners met the concerned official in NIT, and mentioned all the inconveniences faced by the flat-owners and when they threatened to go to the court, the concerned officials took the complaint of the irked flat owners seriously and the Anti-Encroachment Wing of NIT demolished the illegally constructed flats in the parking lot.

According to the official in-charge of North Nagpur, the builder had submitted a proposal for revised plan. But till date the revised plan has not been approved.

Sources claimed that the NIT had already received Development Charges from the builder. However, not one development work (which includes Roads, Water, Garden, Open Space/Garden etc) has been done. When the flat-owners started asking them questions and pointing out their inefficiencies, the officials were prompt in issuing a letter asking the flat owners to deposit Rs 30,000/- per month as maintenance charges. The flat owners have raised some vital queries over the letter (asking the flat owners to deposit monthly maintenance charges) while pointing out that NIT had already received the Development Charges from the builder. However since no development activities were under-taken and so the NIT should bear the maintenance charges from the interest accrued by the lakhs of rupees obtained as Development Charges years ago.

Soon the flat owners will approach the Chief Minister to demand justice and if they are denied justice, they are all set to approach the courts.

– Rajeev Ranjan Kushwaha(