Published On : Fri, Jul 17th, 2015

Nigerian Thugs: Many more cheatings come to fore during investigations

They made fake passports and ATM cards for Rs 5000/-

Nagpur: Some very unscrupulous elements continue to fleece the citizens and causing a dent in the government coffers. During investigation it came to fore that the gang of Nigerian thugs who were arrested on July 16, 2015, from their hideout in Delhi used to fleece and dupe innocent citizens by using internet. Police sources claimed that this gang had duped a woman scientist of Rs 3 lakhs.

Accused cheating online

The accused include Laisram Hemant Singh aged 30 years a resident of Bisenpur (Manipur), Thoudam Chinglenshana Singh aged 22 years a resident of Imphal (Manipur), Nitin Yumnam Singh aged 24 years and a resident of Kotla, Mubaraqpur (Delhi), Nangangbam Amarjeet Singh, Sunday Mickael Madhubuikey aged 33 years and Kenneth Oakaka aged 37 years a resident of Safdarjung (Delhi).

It is said that these accused used to make fake Bank passbook and ATM cards for as low as Rs 5000/-.

It is claimed that bank officials of some leading banks are also hand in glove with these thugs. These officials used to take their share of the money and give fake pass-book and ATM cards. These officials are also known to be providing bank account numbers to loot bank customers. These account numbers were used by these thugs when they asked the victims to deposit a sum in a bank account. However, they never used the same account numbers twice.

Accused cheating online  (2)

The Jaripatka Police Officials have seized 24 bank accounts, more than 100 bank pass-books and 65 ATM cards. It is interesting to note that the gang leader of Nigerian gang of thugs speaks fluent Hindi. The cops claimed that it was the gang leader who ran the racket and speaking to local citizens.

The police has succeeded in getting a Police Custodial Remand (PCR) for the gang members till July 24, 2015.

A fraud of $ 8,50,000/-

The gang had allegedly started their duping game with $ 8,50,000/-(eight lakhs fifty thousand dollars). They started their game of duping innocent people from a woman resident of Jaripatka. It was then that this gang came under scanner. This woman scientist who is a Central Government Servant had uploaded her personal bio-data on a marriage website. After acquiring the bio-data of this lady, a member of this gang contacted her under the fictitious name of Dr. Mohan Singh. The fake Dr. Mohan Singh expressed his desire to get married to her. He told her that he is a citizen of India. He went on to lie that he is in London for some time now. The woman started trusting and believing everything that Dr Mohan Singh said to her.

Accused cheating online  (1)

On June 30, 2015, the fraudster under the fictitious name of Dr Mohan Singh told the victim woman on phone that he was bringing Rs 8.5 lakh dollars in cash to India. He gave a sob story that the customs officials at the Airport have arrested him for bring such a huge sum during a routine search.

He convinced the lady scientist that he will be released only when he pays a custom duty. He also claimed that he will get back his Rs 8.5 lakh dollars. He then allegedly gave the phone to another lady who assumed the role of a Lady Customs Officer Archana Singh. This victim lady scientist then went on to deposit the customs duty to release Dr Mohan Singh. However, after her depositing the money, all contacts with Doctor Mohan Singh ceased. It was then that she realized that she has been duped.

The victim lady scientist then went to Jaripatka Police Station and lodged a complaint. On the basis of her complaint, the Jaripatka Police registered a case under relevant sections of Indian Penal Code and started the investigations.

During investigations it also came to fore that the gang used to dupe innocent citizens by claiming that they have won a huge amount in lottery, employment abroad, purchase and sale of dollars etc. However, the irony is many educated people fell prey to this gang schemes. The investigation is handled by Police Inspector Deepak Khobragade, Second Police Inspector B P Sawant and Assistant Police Inspector K D Wagh.