Next NMC general elections by Prabhag system?


Nagpur: The State Government has decided to conduct the next elections to Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) on the basis of Prabhag system, it is learnt. There is also likelihood of increase in the number of Prabhags.

It is pertinent to recall that several civic bodies in the State are going to poll in February next year. The last two general elections of NMC had been held on Prabhag system. During the 2012 election, a Prabhag was made of two wards. Accordingly, Nagpur has now 72 Prabhags. The next election will be held on the basis of 2011 Census. This will increase the number of wards. The number of voters is fixed for each ward. Accordingly, the wards would be structured. But for structuring of wards, first the limits of wards have to be determined. Thereafter, certain wards are reserved for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes, and other backward classes. There is likelihood of structuring of reserved wards in accordance with the new Census.

However, the NMC Administration has geared up itself for conducting the elections ward-wise as the State Government has not yet decided to hold it on Prabhag system. There are a total of 145 wards in Nagpur. The number could go up to 160. If a Prabhag consisting two wards is carved out then the number of Prabhags would go to 80. It is further learnt that the decision of State Government has to be conveyed to State Election officials but no such decision has been conveyed as yet.

BJP stand:
There is possibility of next NMC elections being held on Prabhag system. This election will see increase in number of wards. The State Government will take a decision in this regard. Information regarding restructuring of wards is likely to be announced in the next few months.

Congress thinking:
There is uncertainty over the general elections of NMC. Confusion is prevailing on whether the election will be held ward-wise or Prabhag system. The lottery of reserved constituencies is generally drawn in March. Here also confusion is prevailing.