Published On : Fri, May 13th, 2016

Newly married cross community lovebirds under threat from girl’s family in Nagpur

Nagpur: This peculiar case of love marriage between individuals of two different communities appears to be lifted straight out of the Bollywood love story, in which a poor boy falls in love with rich girl, both gets married against their family wishes and then love is torn apart in the battle of rich and the poor. Unlike any run-of-the-mill Bollywood story with happy ending, this one seems to run through turmoil as its still caught in raging tensions.

The case in question took an ugly turn when the family members of  the girl threatened to eliminate that of boy’s. The matter came to the fore at Sadar police station where noisy yet violent scenes were created on Friday.

The boy belonging to certain fell in love with his classmate and childhood friend of some other community. The girl is the daughter of  a well to do property businessman.

After nearly 8 years of courtship, the boy Harnaam (name changed) decided to tie the nuptial knot with Salma (name changed). However, both of them knew that their parents especially the parents of Salma would never approve their marriage. So after completing the procedure of court marriage, they got married in the court.

Immediately after getting married, the couple reached Sadar Police Station and showed all the relevant documents to show that they are majors (above legally marriageable age) and their marriage certificates and requested the Duty Officer of Sadar Police Station for protection of their life and their property.

Meanwhile the brother of the bride came to know about the marriage of his sister Salma with Harnaam.

Filled with rage, he reached Sadar Police Station along with some goons in 20 vehicles. He carefully kept the goons at some distance and entered the Sadar Police Station and requested Harnaam and Salma to withdraw the case. Her brother claimed that both the parents of the bride were allegedly admitted in the hospital since they were shocked by the marriage of their daughter with a boy belonging to the different community.

Salma’s brother is alleged to have threatened Harnaam that if he does not withdraw the police complaint, the enmity between both the families would start.

Salma’s brother even went on to eliminate each and every member of the boy’s family.

However, the Bajrang Dal activists including Bhaiyuji Choube, President of Bajrang Dal (Gaurakhsha Vibhagh) Rajesh Shukla and other activists reached the Sadar Police Station and lent support and protection to the newly wedded couple.

The activists of Bajrang Dal too demanded police protection for the family of Harnaam. Understanding the gravity of the situation, the cops provided tight security at the residence of the Harnaam. The newly wedded couple spent the night under the protection of Bajrang Dal in an undisclosed place.

Sources claimed that the newly wedded couple may go off to some other city to start a new life together.

(Names have been changed to protect the identity)