Published On : Tue, Jul 22nd, 2014

Newborn’s dead body found in Gittikhadan; police suspect mother

Nagpur News

A recovery of one day old infant from a residential area in Gittikhadan has triggered a wave of speculations. It is being whispered that the incident was the fallout of an illicit relationship and the woman could have killed her newborn baby. However, Gittikhadan Police registered a case against the unidentified mother and are investigating further.

Information revealed that Sunita Dayaram Gorkhede, 40, who first noticed the body of infant, was out to collect lemon near her house at Gorkhede Complex situated in Friends Colony on Tuesday. It appeared somebody had killed the newborn infant and had thrown the infant there. As soon as people came to know of this incident they started gathering around in this area. Meanwhile, someone informed the police.
Female infanticide was suspected at that time by onlookers. However, another angle was also making rounds that revelation of illicit relations could have resulted in the murder of the infant.

Gittikhadan police has registered a case of murder and is investigating all the recent deliveries in nearby hospitals and nursing homes. However one fact remains is that there is an independent right of every child to be born, to life and safely. A right, that no one, not even a parent can take away.

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