Published On : Tue, Jul 8th, 2014

New rules at RCOEM not gone down well with its students; whispers abuzz with opposition

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Picture this..No Birthday celebration in the college premises or canteen …no slogans or comments on clothes of students by default or design…while holi celebration is strictly prohibited, burning of fire crackers in college premises is a serious offence and violation of this may invite rustication/expulsion of one and all the students directly or indirectly involved in the activity…taking out rally and sandal band in the premises is also a complete no…

Surprised…!! Quite unusual or overboard it may appears for any college student to abide by such a set of norms but it has become the new compulsion brought into force at Ramdeo Baba College of Engineering and Management (RCOEM), one of the most sought after college in city. It appears the college administration is in no mood to take any chance, post the controversy at one of the recently held farewell parties at the college, where the girls reportedly wore revealing attires, much to the media attention. The skimpily clad girls became the hot talk among the students fraternity. The campuses were abuzz with same topic of discussion. This, sources said, might have led the college authorities to secure its forte with much more caution.

Big toll on college lives!

However, the changed attitude of college administration post the incident has not gone down well with the students. Sources said the college is currently experiencing repulsion regarding the rules from its students. The varied rules not only imposed a fixed dress code for all the students but it also pounded their ‘easy flow’ in the college.   Close conversations with the students at Ramdeo Baba College of Engineering and Management revealed that majority of them are wary of the overtly restricting rules that, they say, are making them closely confined and shrink into their space. “We are restricted on all fronts. With so many rules around, it feels we are back in school again. Seriously, it’s taking a big toll on our college lives,” says one of the students at the college on condition of anonymity.

No entry in class without identity card

On June 4, 2014, the then Principal Dr. V.S. Deshpande wrote to the Vice-Principal, OSD, all the heads of the departments (HODs) and Professor Incharge of first year B.E. regarding the new rules to be implemented in the college. One of the many compulsions that have been imposed upon students vide this letter include compulsorily wearing identity cards in the premises, without which they would not be able to attend their classes. Reacts another student, “There are some rules which are quite apt and suggestive like imposing dress codes, prohibiting holi celebration. But on the other hand rules regarding usage of mobiles, farewell ceremonies, etc. clearly mean that we are going to get little space to enjoy our precious college life.”

Infamous code of conduct

Another student at RCOEM however supports the new rules but with a rider. He said, “The infamous ‘code of conduct’ put up by the college has its own benefits undoubtedly. However, the basic freedom of thought and expression that should exist at a bare minimum level seems missing! And when there is more fear than comfort, the students will definitely not achieve their 100%.”

Intrusion into personal life?

Another student appeared quite discontented over the rules when he said, “Well, I think the college has lost all its senses while making such rules. A proper dress code is okay. But this dress code has become headache for students especially for boys. A male student has to refrain himself from wearing without collar tees. Only collared T shirts are allowed and that too without any message or anything written on it. For female students, sleeveless is not allowed. Use of mobile phones in campus has been restricted. And the worst part of the rules is complete ban on farewell. I mean, outside the college campus, students have their personal life and college does not have any right to intrude anybody’s personal life.

Idiotic rulebook

Another student suggested, “Instead, they should have asked the students not to call media during farewell parties, but they didn’t do that. What I feel is, the college has now transformed itself into a school with rigorous rules and punishments for any violation of rules. All the alumni and the just passed students are very lucky that they did not get the chance to see such an idiotic rulebook.”

Little good more bad

Another student on condition of anonymity said, “I think some of the new rules in our college are really worth but… most of them are creating new problems at the same time. I think they should put it up for immediate review and should modify them by considering rules being on students’ side.

Principal replaced

Reliable sources informed that the principal at RCOEM has been recently replaced by another acting principal. The previously serving principal has been shifted to head some other department. The reason behind this move could not be ascertained; however sources indicated it had something to do with the controversial incident that rocked the college, followed by the imposition of rules. Whatever the truth may be…but one thing is certain the college is currently in the state of turmoil with silent fire raging among the students.

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