Published On : Wed, Aug 24th, 2016

New Forest Policy in the offing: Decision to be taken with everyone’s consent

Anil Dave
The Cabinet Ministry for Environment and Forest is on the job of drafting the new Forest Policy. An initiative has been made to incorporate new policies, rules and regulations under this new Forest Policy slated to be framed soon. Minister of State (Independent Charge) Environment, Forest & Climate Change Anil Madhav Dave said this while addressing the media personnel in a press meet held on August 24, 2016.

Minister of Environment, Forest & Climate Change Anil Madhav Dave claimed that he is attempting to bring about a long term and permanent change and not a temporary change. He added that he has assumed this office only one month back. He claimed that in the next one year some visible change can be seen. He also claimed that no decision will be taken behind closed doors, but will be taken after public discussions and debates.

The Ministry of Forest will be taking any decision keeping in mind the Forests, the people who rely on the forest and the wild-life. He went on to say that it is unfortunate that even after 70 years of freedom; we have not been able to form a Forest policy. Even today, we are carrying on with the rules and regulations framed by the British. The British were very clever so they incorporated the punishments for looting and other offences of forests and wildlife in the Indian Penal Code. However, the new laws will empower those who are dependent and rely on forest for a living. He added that there can be some positive changes especially in the life-style of tribals and scheduled tribes through the Small Scale Employment opportunities.

According to the Minister of Environment and Forest Anil Dave, the world is now battling with two major problems including Climate and Terrorism. He claimed that what we are getting today is a result of how we have been treating the climate for the last 150 years. However, the state of the climate will definitely undergo a major change in a few years. He added that every citizen should do his part in preserving the climate.

The pollution of rivers is a serious issue. He claimed that just paying some penal fine for polluting and getting away is a wrong precedence which should stop soon. In future the punishment for polluting water bodies is going to be serious. The country has been only debating and discussing on the issue of water supply for the last 40 years. However, now there will be intelligent action on the issue. In the last 65 years, only inputs in agriculture of the farmers have been enhanced in an agriculture based country. However, the importance should have been enhancing the profitability instead of enhancing the inputs.

Dave targets self styled NGOs opposing plans of the government
Minister of Environment and Forest Anil Dave targeted all those self-styles NGOs which are often opposing the plans and decisions of the government. He claimed that these NGOs stage protest under the guise of protection of wild-life. This opposition is baseless and unnecessary. He went on to claim that many developed nations fund such NGOs in developing and progressive nations to stage protests so that the development is hindered. Many decisions have to be taken for the benefit of the masses. On the death of a single animal, these members of NGOs light up candles and stage protests, but where is their sensitivity when the soldiers die on the border. Does their sensitivity not get jolted when soldiers die?

Will get success in finding Jai: Interpol’s help will be sought to stop killing wildlife
Minister of Environment and Forest Anil Dave assured that the elusive Tiger Jai will be soon be found. According to Dave, assuming or presuming anything about the Tiger Jai is not right. He claimed that they have no clues if the elusive Tiger Jai is alive, dead or killed. He claimed that they are planning to take the help of other agencies. The monsoon season is proving to be a hindrance in the search operations. However, he expressed his hope that Jai will soon be found. Forest Minister Dave claimed that they would take the help of Interpol and other neighbouring nations in prevention of killing of wild-life. He claimed that this problem of wild-life killing is global so a global solution should be sought.

Forest Minister Dave has assured the cleaning of Nag river in Nagpur along with other rivers in the country. He claimed that he has been associated with this work for a long time. He claimed that he promises to carry out his work with honesty. He went on to claim that till date RBI has not printed any note which can be offered to him and get some crime committed by him.