New-born baby dies a painful death in pvt hospital as nurse goes to sleep

Nagpur: In a heart-rending incident, a new-born baby died a painful death in a Gandhibagh-based hospital due to criminal negligence by a nurse.

According to sources, the 11-day old baby, due to some complications following jaundice, was kept in photo therapy machine by the nurse who later went into deep slumber. In the meantime, the neglected baby underwent unbearable ordeal and died a painful death due to overheating in photo therapy machine.

Sources said, the baby was born on June 27 in Queta Colony. After four days of birth, the mother and baby were discharged from the hospital. Ten days after the birth, the baby was brought to the hospital for routine check up. During the check up, doctor told the parents of noticing symptoms of jaundice and advised them to admit the baby in the hospital. On the advice of the doctor, the parents agreed to admit the baby in the said hospital. As a treatment to jaundice, the baby was kept in photo therapy machine. But tragically, the baby was found dead in the machine on Sunday last.

Sources further said that the baby was admitted in NSU Ward where doctors and nurses are expected to monitor health of patients. Shockingly, no doctor was present in the ward and the on duty nurse was sleeping. The bewildered parents woke up the nurse and by the time she checked the machine, it was too late.

When Nagpur Today took matter to hospital director, he specifically said, “The matter has been sorted out and there is no need to interfere. Baby’s parents didn’t file a complaint and I have nothing to say regarding this matter,” said the doctor.

This incident has again brought to fore the irregularities surfaced in the private healthcare institutions in city. Umpteen incidents revealed doctors indulging dirty tricks to exploit patients monetarily. Commission is buzzword at almost all private hospitals. Recently, a doctor and a coordinator were found luring an ambulance operator of hefty commission if patients are brought to their hospital. Such incidents raise question marks over the profession of doctors who are seen as saviours of life.