Published On : Sun, Jul 26th, 2015

New Body of Academy of Medical Sciences installed

d240393-largeNagpur: Farmers are committing suicide in Vidarbha on a large scale. One of the reasons for this is non availability of better health facilities to him. If we want to control farmers suicide and make available better health facilities to the rural population, then everybody including expert doctors, health organisations and corporates will have to join hands with the government for their betterment.

These views were expressed by chief minister Devendra Fadnavis. He was speaking at the installation ceremony of the new body of Academy of Medical Sciences (AMS) at Nagpur. The chief guests on the occasion were head of Pulmonary Medicine Department at AIIMS, Delhi, Dr R Guleria, world renowned cardiologist from Mumbai DrD Pahlajani, president of AMS, Nagpur, Dr V M Bhalerao, international chairman Dr Raju Khandelwal, former president Sunil Ambulkar, Dr Harish Warbhe, and others.

The special guest on the occasion was Dr B J Subhedar.

Fadnavis said that the speed with which modern technology and medicines are being invented, the health services is not becoming cheap and available with the same speed. India is a developing nation and there is enough provision made in the budget. However, there is paucity of doctors at the rural hospitals.

To mitigate it, the retirement age of doctors has been increased. The MBBS doctors do not go to rural areas. If the health services is to be made available to the last person in society, then everyone will have to contribute, said Fadnavis. Dr Guleria said that everyday new invesntions are being made in the field of medicine and the doctors should be updated by these developments.

Dr Pahlajani said that in Nagpur the practice of corporate hospitals has not gained ground. For this, the local doctors should be congratulated, adding that in Nagpur, medical services are at par with Delhi and Mumbai. Dr Subhedar said that the doctors should formulate norms in consultation with doctors. Apart fom this, private practitioners should go to villages and undertake camps there. Dr Bhalerao threw light on the future plans of AMS. Dr Khandelwal enumerated history of the organisation.

The programme was compered by Dr Rajan Barokar and Dr Kalpana while a vote of thanks was proposed by Dr Nirmal Jaiswal.

Govt will support docs’ initiatives: CM

Senior physician Dr B J Subhedar had suggested involving medical organisations in policy making by the government. On this, CM Fadnavis said that doctors associated with medical organsations should take a single step forward and the government will take five steps ahead. Dr Subhedar also suggested that the Nagrik Sahakari hospital, which is in a clsoed state for the past ten years, should be revived, albeit after the Supreme Court decision comes in its favour.

New body:
Dr V M Bhalerao and Nirmal Jaiswal have been elected as president and secretary of the new body of AMS. Apart from this, the new body includes ex president Dr Sunil Ambulkar, president elect Dr C S Cham, vice president Dr Pramod Gandhi, Dr Harish Warbhe, treasurer Dr Mukund Thakur, joint seretary Dr Ravindra Sarnaik and Dr Rajesh Atal. The members in the new body include Dr Ajay Ambade, Dr Amit Agrawal, Dr Ashwani Taide, Dr Deepak Jeswani, Dr Mahesh Kripalani, Dr Meghna Agrawal, Dr Mukund Ganeriwal, Dr Naresh Patel, Dr Prasad Aparajit, Dr Rajesh Singhvi, Dr Sameer Jahangirdar, DrSanjay Deotale, Dr Sanjay Jain, Dr Vaishali Khandait, Dr V K Verma, and Dr Alankar Ramteke.