Published On : Fri, May 6th, 2016

Network of CCTV cameras to keep a close watch on criminals in Itwari area

In a grand gesture, Rajya Sabha member Avinash Pande provides Rs 25 lakh from his MP Fund for installation of CCTV cameras at every nook and corner of the business hub.

Rajya Sabha member Avinash Pande
: Itwari, one of the hotspots of various activities and a business hub, will be relatively much safer as far as criminal acts are concerned. The Sarafa Bazaar and every nook and corner of the area will be watched by a “Third Eye” – CCTV cameras – courtesy the local Rajya Sabha member Avinash Pande. Pande has made available a substantial amount from his MP Fund for installation of CCTV cameras in lanes and bylanes of Itwari in order to curb criminal activities that have been in spate in recent days.

Itwari area, in the recent past, has been witnessing spurt in chain-snatching, looting of traders and other crimes perpetrated by anti-social elements with impunity. Fed up with the criminal acts, a delegation of Itwari Navyuvak Mandal, led by traders’ leader Sanjay Khule, met the Rajya Sabha member Avinash Pande and apprised him about the scary situation. Acting positively, Pande has made available Rs 25 lakh for CCTV cameras that would dot every nook and corner of the area and keep a watch on anti-socials. This “Third Eye” will scan Itwari area righty up to Agrasen Square and capture every act of criminals.

Leash on crimes:
The Itwari area was witnessing a spurt of various criminal activities including mugging of traders in Sarafa Bazaar in the absence of CCTV cameras. But now the ‘Hawk Eye” could curb the anti-social activities to great extent and thus provide relief to business community, too.

The spots under scanner:
The spots where the CCTV cameras would be installed include Gandhi Statue, Tonga Stand, Naik Galli, Dharaskar Road, Bhaji Mandi, Shahid Chowk, Kirana Oli, Old Bhandara Road, Maskasath, Bharat Mata Square, Nehru Statue, Amardeep Talkies, Nikalas Mandir, Darodkar Square, Badkas Chowk, Agrasen Square apart from other areas.

– By Rajeev Ranjan Kushwaha