Published On : Wed, Feb 10th, 2016

Net Neutrality: Facebook board member offensive tweet on ‘colonialism’ leaves Indians fuming

MarcandreessenDelhi/Nagpur: Marc Andreessen is a wealthy Silicon Valley entrepreneur and investor.

He has invested in startups like Foursquare, Twitter and GitHub that became huge companies.

And he is also an investor in and on the board of Facebook.

Maybe you have not heard of him but the Twitterati are up in arms against him for a tweet that he posted on his Twitter account, as per a report in Hindustan Times.

Following is the tweet that he later deleted:


To be noted is the fact that Facebook has just had its net neutrality-violating Free Basics program banned by TRAI.

Later Andreessen also went on the defensive and posted the following tweets:

Many took to Twitter to express their disappointment with what