Published On : Wed, Mar 23rd, 2016

Need is to save & conserve water for future, says WSC Chairman Sandip Joshi

OCW-NMC celebrated World Water Day with ‘Water Friends’, took ‘Save Water’ pledge

Nagpur: “At a time when many districts in State like Latur, Akola and Yavatmal are facing severe water crisis. At Latur, where district collector was forced to implement Section 144 on supply of Tankers while at Akola installation of water coolers will be considered as crime at such time water conservation has become a need of the hour for our city of Nagpur too”, stated NMC Water Supply Committee Chairman, Sandip Joshi.

Sandip Joshi was addressing a ‘World Water Day’ programme jointly organized by Nagpur Municipal Corporation and Orange City Water at IWWA Hall, Shankar Nagar here on March 22 (Tuesday). NMC SE Shashikant Hastak and OCW CEO Sanjay Roy were special guests on the occasion.

NMC-OCW celebrated World Water Day 2016 by felicitating its “Water Friends” for their valuable contribution in spreading messages of Save Water, Conserve Water as well as various NMC-OCW projects like information about ongoing Uninterrupted Water Supply Project etc among citizens.
On the occasion, all dignitaries and attendees also took an oath to save water and conserve water for our better future tomorrow. Rucha Pande administered ‘Save Water’ oath to all.

Addressing the gathering, Sandip Joshi i further added that “ Water Friends” being an important part of Uninterrupted Water Supply Project (commonly known as 24×7) should also spread the seriousness and sense of urgency for conservation of water.” In this era, where water conservation is a crucial and has become need of the hour, Water Friends contribution towards project and water conservation is impeccable.

OCW CEO, Sanjoy Roy in his address informed that the uninterrupted water supply project is more of a social project. It is a first of its kind PPP (Public Private Partnership) Project successfully being run by NMC-OCW all over in India. He appealed Water Friends, to go to maximum number of people and spread awareness about water conservation as the project being a social project; it needs addition of a 4th P – that is People – to ensure its sustainability.

He said, “The socio-economic project thrives upon the positive participation from the People who are the most important stakeholder of the project. To achieve this participation, Water Friend is a key driver”.
Executive Director, NESL Shashikant Hastak appealed Water Friends to expand their network and take more people on board in this mission for a water-wealthy Nagpur. As the project is progressing , he appealed Water Friends to participate and make aware people about the project by arranging social awareness programmes, Mohalla Sabhas, etc.

On the occasion almost 50 Water Friends from all 10 zones were presented with a Certificate and mementos. These Water Friends are working as the ambassadors of NMC-OCW to receive complaints, informing people about legal and illegal meter connections and even guide an educate people about the benefits of on-going uninterrupted water supply project in city.

Present at the occasion were NMC Water Works Dept officials R. D. Jadhao, Sanjay Gaikwad, Pradeep Rajgire, OCW Director KMP Singh, Dy Director Rajesh Kalra and OCW Social Welfare Coordinators, field coordinators etc.

Rucha Pande & Farhat Qureshi conducted proceedings and Farhat Qureshi proposed vote of thanks.