Need for Censor board for songs: Sukhwinder Singh

Nagpur: After veteran singer Asha Bhosle snubbed new songwriters for vulgar lyrics, popular singer Sukhwinder Singh too, criticised the lowering standards of the music industry in the country. He stated that the rampant and increasing use of vulgar words in Bollywood songs is worrisome as it is causing a bad impact on the young generation. Keeping this in mind, a separate censor board must be introduced for songs. Sukhwinder made the above statement on the eve of his performance at Nagpur Mahotsav on Sunday.

“The class in Indian musical industry is being maintained by people like Gulzar, Javed Akhtar, Vishal Bhardwaj and AR Rahman. However, many poeple use catchy and vulgar words and phrases in songs to catch attention and gain fame.

This trend has caused a bad effect on the society and especially youth. The central government must take an initiative to introduce a censor board for songs. The trend of remixing and remaking old songs reflects poorly on the industry and exposes the incapability of today’s artistes of creating original compositions,” said Singh during the interaction.

Public reward more important than big award

Criticising the decision making in award ceremonies, Sukhwinder called it unfair for four people to decide who deserves the award. He further stated that reality shows can bring good singers to the industry only if they are guided well by seniors.