Published On : Sun, Aug 28th, 2016

NCP to contest forthcoming elections on their own, says Sunil Tatkare

Sunil TatkareNagpur.

Nationalist Congress Party is gearing up to contest the forthcoming Municipal Corporation Elections on its own. All the senior office-bearers of Nationalist Congress Party are striving to expand the organization. On August 27, 2016, The Party State President Sunil Tatkare had reviewed the present state of the party in all 11 districts of Vidarbha. After reviewing the party state of affairs in Vidarbha, State President Sunil Tatkare addressed the media personnel.

According to Sunil Tatkare, Nationalist Congress Party will be contesting independently relying on their strengths in all 11 Municipal Corporation elections and in 27 Zilla Parishad elections. Keeping in mind the forthcoming elections, the party is busy in strengthening and expanding the organization.

This time round, the Nationalist Congress Party will reach out to the masses with the issue of failure of the current government and working pattern. While targeting the State Government, Sunil Tatkare said that this government is anti-farmer government. He claimed that the State Government had taken many decisions which were not in the interest of the farmers.

Tatkare went on to claim that the Chief Minister and his government is active only in the social media, while nobody is bothered about what is happening in the grass-root level nor is the Chief Minister paying attention to it.  There is a big propaganda about the Jal Yukta Shibir (Water Inclusive Scheme), while the old scheme is given a new name. The Scheme will become acceptable only when, apart from water, the farmers are provided with other facilities. The Chief Minister is claiming that the number of suicides have come down after this scheme was launched which is not true.

The planning for Kharif Crops was undertaken sitting in one place. This was certainly a unique anti-progressive move. The State government is planning to bring about a baseless law in the name of Internal Security Act. By the very move by the State Government, they themselves have expressed that the internal security of the state government is not good.

With each day, the people’s ire on the government is on the rise. The Narendra Modi wave in the Centre was reflected even in the State. However, the situation has undergone a change after the Vidhan Sabha elections. The NCP is returning to take its place in the forthcoming Municipal Corporation Elections.

With them being in the ruling party, the present government is taking all decisions that are favourble for them. They have changed the old pattern and brought in a new pattern in the forthcoming Municipal Corporation Elections. Now the Prabhag system has been introduced in the Municipal Corporation Elections, however, BJP may not be benefitted by this pattern of Prabhag system.


NCP in favour of separate Statehood

While expressing his views on separate Statehood for Vidarbha, Suni Tatkare claimed that NCP stands in support of the people of Vidarbha and their demand. The party will accept whatever stand the masses arrives at. While citing the example of Goa, the opinion of people was sought before arriving at the decision to include Goa in Maharashtra. A similar attempt could be undertaken even in Vidarbha. The role of NCP shall be the same as that of the people of Vidarbha. However, some very leaders hailing from Vidarbha stage protests against separate statehood for Vidarbha. Even the Chief Minister himself claimed that he is the Chief Minister of a United Maharashtra and not Vidarbha.


No one has done any partiality to Vidarbha: Dares to come for an open debate

Sunil Tatkare claimed that it would be false to claim that the leaders of Western Maharashtra have shown partiality towards Vidarbha and have purposely left Vidarbha to be undeveloped. Tatkare claimed that he is ready to debate on this issue. Based on the Governor’s directive, funds for irrigation were disbursed however often the funds are not spent at all. The Irrigational land in the state has increased. Tatkare claimed that no one knows what is happening about the investigation into the alleged irrigation scam which had occurred during their reign.

Sunil Tatkare has demanded that government go public with investigation against him.