Published On : Thu, Jun 30th, 2016

National Secretary of Round Table India Arvinth inaugurates 3 new class-rooms at Jeevan Shikshan Vidyalaya

NRT in Jeevan Shikshan Vidyalaya (1)
Nagpur: It is with great pride that the office-bearers and members of Nagpur Round Table-83 organized the inauguration of the three new class rooms built for Jeevan Shikshan Vidyalaya, Untkhana Road. These class-rooms were inaugurated by National Secretary Christopher Arvinth on June 27, 2016. A plaque with the efforts of Nagpur Round Table-83’s contributions too was unveiled on the occasion.

Whether it is a house, office or schools, they are built brick by brick and costs, a sizeable amount. With the philanthropic financial aid and physical presence three more classrooms were completed this year.  In addition some plastering work on the facade too was undertaken by Nagpur Round Table-83. Over a period of time, we have successfully raised funds worth Rs. 1.42 crores and have built over 40 classrooms in more than 5 schools in the city.

With an aim to ensure more and more poor, needy and under-privileged children are educated and empowered and in-turn enjoy true freedom.

Each classroom changes countless lives every year. The bricks that go into making the class-rooms are through hard-earned money collected by the members of Nagpur Round Table-83 and then construct the class-rooms in school. Every vacation is taken as an opportune time to build the class-rooms.

When the school started, it was started with a tin roof shed. In summer season, it became unbearable for the children to even sit in the few class-rooms. However, many students used to come to school only because they received mid-day-meals.

NRT in Jeevan Shikshan Vidyalaya (2)
The pass-percentage in each classroom was as low as 20%. However, after Nagpur Round Table-83 took it upon themselves to build class-rooms, slowly the number of classrooms increased and now a single-storied building with many spacious, airy classrooms equipped with fans and tub-lights made the school an attractive place to be in. The pass percentage has since increased to as much as 80%.

The office-bearers and members of Nagpur Round Table-83 not only showed passion and commitment to build class-rooms, they installed furniture, ensured requisite fitments and infused the feel and spirit of a real school among the students and teachers.

Prominently present were Area Past Chairman Piyush Daga, Chairman of Nagpur Round Table-83 Gaurav Agarwal, Immediate Past Chairman of Nagpur Round Table-83 Anurag Pashine and other office-bearers and members of all three Nagpur Round Table.

While speaking to Nagpur Today, National Secretary Christopher Arvinth said that these class-rooms are definitely a gift for the children as they start the new academic session. Christopher Arvinth added that this is really a noble venture and whatever one does for the education of the poor children is the noblest of the deeds. He lauded the efforts of all the unsung heroes who helped in this endeavour. He spoke of a hilly region in North India, where he had to trek for 3.5 hours to reach a village. Surprisingly, even in the 21st century there is a village in India where there is no electricity. Round Table India is striving to make schools in such villages. He spoke of two small children who were twins. They were admitted in a school too.

NRT in Jeevan Shikshan Vidyalaya
However, only one of the two used to attend the school every day. They attended on alternate days. However, when the school authorities decided to put their foot down and called their parents one day to school to find out why both the children do not attend the school, what the parents said brought tears to the eyes of the management of the school. The parents said that since the school insists on every child wearing the full school uniform and since they cannot afford to buy two sets of uniforms, the twins attend schools on alternate days. The parents added that they wash their uniform on Sundays. Well from that penury or poverty, came two brothers who revolutionized transportation. They were none other than the Wright Brothers who were inventors, and aviation pioneers credited with inventing, building, and flying the world’s first successful airplane.

Arvinth went on to add that one may never know who among these poor children may turn out to be a hero, inventor, leader, bureaucrat.