Published On : Fri, Oct 22nd, 2021

Nagpur’s Dr. Rajendra Jaiswal completes 100 km “HennurBamboo Ultra Marathon”, Honored in Bangalore

Nagpur: Ultrarunner and ultra-cyclist Rajendra Jaiswal won the book “Dubai Ironman” 70.3 in March 2021. It was a matter of great pride for the people of Nagpur. During the covid pandemic, he also set a record for non-stop running up to 85 km in the drawing-room.

The urge to do something different was not allowingDr. Rajendra to sit still. Recently on 9th October 2021, he won a medal for the 100 km “Hennur Bamboo Trail Ultra Marathon-Bangalore”

This Hennur Bamboo Trail Ultra Marathon was in Bangalore. It was a jungle trail and you have to run through the dense forest. Facing barriers many inside the forest. Then it can be natural or other with Fear of wild beasts on the one hand. Overcoming all this, finally, Dr. Rajendra won the medal.

In the words of Rajendra Jaiswal……
The Hennur Bamboo Trail Ultra Marathon was held on October 9, 2021, in Bangalore. There were three stages in this. One is 100 km, the second is 161 km and the third is 200 km.

It was raining heavily that day. Due to bad weather, the forest footpaths were muddy and slippery. Water was stagnant everywhere. It was hard to even walk then the running was next to impossible. I had no idea how to deal with this situation. I slipped four times because I couldn’t walk. The skin of my feet was ripped and there were many wounds/blisters and it started paining in my joints and even today these are not completely healed. In the end, I covered 100 km in 24 hours and won a medal. I tried to finish 161 km. but due to unbearable pain in my wounds/abscess, I had to stop at 135 km only. Running 135 km for about 32 hours was my best effort till now. The journey was tough but with such valuable guidance, I was able to endure for so long.

The credit for my success goes to my mentor and trainer, Dr. Amit Samarth. My wife Vineeta, who helped me from time to time, Special thanks to my friend Dr. Sunita Dhote for her encouragement.

Rajendra Jaiswal had also won a medal in the Bahrain Ironman 70.3 in December 2019.

The non-stop running world record has been set by him as he held the tricolor in his hand for 12.5 hours and covered 81 km.

During the covid pandemic, he also set a record for non-stop running up to 85 km in the drawing-room.
He has also won medals in the 100km and 161km trial run races.