Published On : Fri, Jun 17th, 2016

Nagpurkars continue their response to NMC’s One Time Settlement Scheme on Day 2

On 2nd Day 902 consumers paid Rs.45,15,969.
15 Days Scheme to provide a chance to clear off long due arrears by paying only 50% of the amount.

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The NMC’s One Time Settlement Scheme continues to get a cheerful response from the citizens of Nagpur, as 902 consumers paid Rs.4515969 on Day 2.

The zone-wise collection is as follows:

All the collection centers showed heavy rush especially in the morning hours. Consumers are very enthusiastic and are getting most out of this limited period scheme.

V.P. Hiware

V.P. Hiware

V.P.Hiware of Lakadganj Zone told us that his arrear amount of Rs.49878 was revised under the scheme and he had to pay only Rs.10861. He said it is a brave initiative by NMC and a very respectable decision in the interest of Public.



J.G.Yevatkar is very happy with the scheme and has paid of his entire due amount today.

Prabhakar Kuthe, resident of Dindyal Nagar, expressed his satisfaction after paying his due amount saying that the scheme is really good and will help citizens.

Prabhakar Kuthe

Prabhakar Kuthe

Ambrish Thavakar of Abhyankar Nagar said that a major part of the arrear amount is waived which has provided a much-needed relief to consumers which why the scheme is getting great response.

Riyaz Khan of Satranjipura Zone said that many of the arrear-holders had genuine reasons because of which they could not pay it off. This scheme has given them a chance to pay off the amount and feel relieved as well as proud.

Ambrish Thavakar

Ambrish Thavakar

It must be mentioned that taking into consideration the huge arrears and the troubles of the Water Bill arrear holders, Nagpur Municipal Corporation has brought up a citizen convenience scheme where arrear-holders can get rid of the arrears by paying 50% of the actual arrear amount. The scheme will be valid between 16th June and 30th June 2016.

The scheme is applicable to consumers belonging to Residential, Institutional and Slum categories and who are having arrear amount more than Rs.2000. Under this scheme, of the total arrears amount mentioned on the consumer bills, 50% amount will have to be paid (excluding Delay Payment Charges). The revised amount will have to be completely paid off during the amnesty scheme period. Around 50,000 consumers of the city will be benefitted by this scheme. As per the provision of the Amnesty Scheme, the Delay Payment Charges from the total arrear amount will be excluded and 50% of the rest of the amount will be payable. After the consumer pays off this rebated amount in this scheme, the arrears on his bills will be ‘zero’. Thus, in future, the payment of the regular water bill will be convenient for the consumer.

If the eligible consumers do not avail the benefit of this scheme, no queries, applications or appeals regarding these arrears will be entertained afterwards.

It must be mentioned here, that commercial consumers and the cases which are sub-judice will not be eligible for this scheme.

To know the individual’s Amnesty Amount, consumers can log on to or, enter their Consumer Index Number (CIN) or Contract Account Number (CAN) mentioned on the water bill. Or can SMS NMCOTS to 54646.

The Amnesty (revised) Amounts under the scheme can be paid from 7:00am-7:00pm in all the NMC Zonal Offices where regular water bill payment is accepted. In order to make it easier for citizens to avail this scheme, Nagpur Municipal Corporation is providing extra payment counters in addition to all the Zonal Offices.

These counters will be operational from (9:00am-5:00pm)

OCW-1It must be noted that the Online Payment Facility will NOT be available for the Amnesty Scheme consumers.