Published On : Fri, Jul 10th, 2015

Nagpurian Sripad Vaidya invents World’s First Gravity Energy Wheel

Nagpur: In today’s world there is a lot of scarcity of energy. Human development is directly dependent on availability of energy. Taking into consideration this energy scarcity the innovators throughout the world were trying to develop the model which can use the gravitational force for the rotation of the wheel but no one became successful. These types of efforts were being done for approximately past 300 years. Gravity Energy is the unending energy resource and it is also the most environment friendly energy resource. In the coming future if we can use this gravity energy then it will act as a boon for environment and human development.

Gravity Energy Wheel 3
Nagpur based Environmentalist Shripad Vaidya has, with the help of his innovation model, practically shown how we can use gravitational force for rotating the wheel. Hence he becomes the innovator of the first successful gravity energy wheel. He says that it became possible to develop this model due to his innovative idea of keeping center of gravity always changing for availing the rotation of wheel due to gravity. He named this eco-innovation as, “GRAVITY ENERGY WHEEL (TOUCH POWERED)” because rotation of the wheel is controlled with the help of touch power of the finger.

The touch power which requires as an input is negligibly less in comparison with the power which is observed during rotation of the wheel and this proves that gravity energy is being utilized for rotation of the wheel. In comparison with energy input energy output is more then we say that energy is produced. This innovation is very simple but totally scientific.

The invention of this gravity energy wheel can play a very important role in coming future for betterment of environment and mankind. This gravity energy wheel innovation has already been included in the national level innovation database of TECHPEDIA. The efforts are being made to make entry of this world’s first gravity energy wheel model in the book of world records.

“I personally feels that it is the great achievement of a Nagpurian” says Sripad Vaidya

Shripad Vaidya

Shripad Vaidya