Published On : Fri, Apr 3rd, 2015

Nagpur turns city of “Lakhpatis” in survey but with darker side as well

lakhpatisNagpur: What could be called a “fantastic feat” the Second Capital City of Nagpur has become city of “Lakhpatis.” If the economic survey of Maharashtra Government is to be believed, every citizen in Nagpur is in the bracket of Rs 1,23,610 income, annually. The District Collector Abhishek Krishns says that with the quantum jump of ‘moneyed’ (Paisewale) people in city the effect is seen in the per capita income, positively. However, the darker side that could shadow the “rich picture’ is that everybody is trying to avoid to talk.

Contrary to the economic survey made public a staggering 9733 parents have applied online under Right To Education (RTE) for their children. Out of the figure, applications of 8529 have been declared rightful after verification. The fact adequately points out that on one hand the survey is showing every citizen ‘Lakhpati’ and on the other hand, the citizens are pretending to be poor and usurping all the Government facilities meant only for genuine poor. Or this may be the real picture if the widening gap between the rich and poor is reckoned with.

It may be recalled that the per capita income in city in 2009 was Rs 82,636. But the past five years saw the income crossing the lakh figure. The main reason behind the ‘feat’ is being attributed to newly turned ‘rich.’ The per capita income has increased by Rs 11,563 compared to last year. Similarly, the income increased by Rs 40,974 in the district in the past five years. With the facts in record the economic survey this year has put Nagpur in the elite list of prosperity. This should be the proud moment for Nagpurians.

The break-up of increasing income over the years is that in 2009-10, the per capita income in district was Rs 82,636. It increased to Rs 96,458 in 2010-11. In the year 2011-12, the per capita income, for the first time, crossed the barrier of one lakh and eventually stood at Rs 1,00,663. The year 2012-13 saw the per capita income rising to Rs 1,12,047. The national per capita income in this financial year is Rs 83,388. Similarly, the figure of per capita income in Maharashtra stands at Rs 1,17,091. It invariably shows that the per capita income in Nagpur district is higher by Rs 6,519 compared to Maharashtra as a whole and is more by Rs 40,222 at national level.

On the other hand, high-profile spenders, hotelling enjoyers, mall shoppers and other such people have applied online under RTE for free education of their children.

According to survey, applications in large number under RTE have been submitted in Nagpur District’s Lalita Public School and Bharatiya Vidya for free-education admissions. Moreover, several applications, after verification, have even been declared valid. But the question remains: With the two schools seriously follow the admissions under RTE? Will the incomes of parents be scanned minutely? If the administrations of the two schools show seriousness towards the genuine beneficiaries of RTE then the needy children will get the education, in true sense.