Published On : Sun, Aug 4th, 2013
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Nagpur Today Trends: Better be friends than lovers, city youngsters turning buddy way

Nagpur News: This Friendship Day most of the couples into serious yet non-committal relationship would be celebrating their bond and the best name they have given to their chemistry is “friendship”. Similarly, the guys into friendship are also not on the lines of “Jai-Veeru” sort but a casual one that prompts them to go easy on their friendship. The trend is growing leaps and bounds as a close survey round the city reveals that many youngsters just wanted to have casual relationship even if they are seriously attracted towards their so called friends. Surprisingly, the gender balance has been perfectly maintained while keeping the trend intact. Irrespective of whether it’s a boy or a girl, most teenagers popped up with the idea of friendship as the best way to progress into relationship.

Friends at Futala Lake, Nagpur Pic:Sandeep Gurghate

‘Intimate’ friendship works better

18 years old Asha Chouksey (name changed) revealed that she has been into serious relationship with a guy she knows since childhood but never did they propose each other for getting into commitment. “And friendship for me is the best way to sail smooth. Coz once we are committed, expectations may grow enormously. All I want is to keep the relationship going without any hitch or ditch. So let us be what we are without any inhibitions and keeping friends with him help both of us breathe easy.”

Sharing cool vibes

Ganesh Gawande, 27 years old IT professional has been sharing cool vibes with his male boss who is of somewhere near his age. He said, “We know each other since college days and have been not too close then. But as we share both professional and personal relationship, a better understanding was needed to be developed. And this is where we are… We have struck a finer chord between our off and on work relationships through keeping just friends. But we do stand for each other in the times of need, which is the essence of our friendship indeed.”

The great social media

Text, chat and e-mails have grown on to become effective media tools when it comes to buddy bonding in Nagpur. A 20 year old tech worm Pawan Bansal finds that today’s friendship is all about networking. “The more you are FB (facebook) kind of person, the more you happen to be hot among the social circle. I have good number of my college friends online whereas there are few whom I have never met but share my innermost feelings with them. One such friend stays at New York in USA. We often hang out over discussions at stretch over our topics and sometimes our girl friends. Most of the time his suggestions really worked and I believe in what he says.”

Friendship’s only way to heart

25 years old Rupal Saxena met her boyfriend five years ago. They started with casual friendship and gradually moved into each other’s heart. But slowly they realized that they were instead keeping aloof from each other as compared to the times when they used to be just friends. Following the frequent low downs in their bonding, Rupal took the first step towards quits. They separated as all love was lost but could not forget the friendship and sharing they made during these years. Rupal said, “An year of separation made me realize that friendship is the only way to heart. Let’s be friends. Now we are united and happy into each other’s company being good buddies.”