Published On : Tue, Jun 17th, 2014

Nagpur SSC toppers share their success stories

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As the SSC results on Tuesday turned Nagpur into a hot bed of discussions, aspirations and celebration of success, our own set of city toppers were abound with experience that one undergoes on very few occasion in the course of life.

Nagpur Today interacted with the top notch scorers and quizzed them about their way to success and their future course of action.

Top ranker Shubham Patil’s ideal is none less than Einstein

An Albert Einstein is in the making. Shubham Patil, who topped the Class 10 (SSC) examination with sheer will power, unflinching determination and above all a vision, considers the ace scientist as his role model for the future quest. Not surprising, science and mathematics are Shubham’s favourite subjects. The proud young lad, a student of Pt. Bachcharaj Vyas Vidyalaya, opened his cards for future course of action while talking to Nagpur Today.

The SSC topper Shubham Patil said he aspires to do computer engineering from an IIT and says, the 98.80 percent marks he scored would continue to encourage him in his lifetime venture. When asked about his study schedule, Shubham said, “Initially, I used to study for 4 to 5 hours and as the exams came nearer and nearer, I extended my  study to 14-15 hours a day. This period included my school, tuitions and self study. I also used to take time in between to relax by playing computer games and outdoor games like cricket as well.” He gives credit of his success to his school teachers and parents and younger sister. Shubham’s father is a teacher in Zilla Parshid School in Umred and mother is a home-maker.

Second topper Dhanashree Pathe aims engineering research

An avid reader of books on epic Mahabharata, Dhanashree Pathe of Pt Bachcharaj Vyas Vidyalaya secured a second top slot with 98.60 marks. Daughter of a railway employee, Dhanashree said she is very fond of reading, and especially mythological books like Mahabharata. She aims to do engineering research. When asked why research? Dhanashree said, “I want to do research because research has a unique aura and flair. Moreover, research is not everyone’s cup of tea. Renowned researcher Jayant Naralikar is my inspiration. I believe that students should not take too much of stress and instead study with free mind. School and tuitions both are helpful. In fact, my tuition teachers motivated me a lot and helped me understand the subjects more clearly. After school and tuitions, I used to finish my studies by 10 pm and then retire to bed.”

Dhanashree love to listen music and uses tunes as her relaxing tool. Besides her hard work she credits her success are her school, teachers, parents and friends.

Joint Second topper Meenal Khanorkar wants to become neurologist

Considering Dr APJ Abdul Kalam as her role model, city’s second joint topper Meenal Khanorker wishes she would a neurologist some day. Daughter of a sales tax officer, Meenal has this special inclination towards studying human nervous system, its finer nuances and  the clinical problems associated with it.

Sharing her study schedule, Meenal said she used to give 3 to 4 hours for self study. She routinely focused on revising what was taught in the class and tuitions. She considers maths as her favourite subject, still she wishes to  opt for science to achieve his ambition.

She played kho kho in school and says that sports helps you to refresh. She keeps herself away from social networking sites as it becomes very addictive. She gives credit of her success to her parents, brother, teachers, friends and the vanwala who took her to school and tuitions every day.