Published On : Sat, Jun 17th, 2017

Nagpur Spirits, Nagpur Tigers shine at ‘A Proud Tabler’ session

LMF Tr Piyush Daga, National Board Member and certified trainer of Round Table India took up one of the most important LAPD session of tabling, “A Proud Tabler” last evening at Chitnavis Convention Centre, which was jointly organized by Nagpur SPIRITS ROUND TABLE 258 and NAGPUR TIGERS ROUND TABLE 299.

In his orientation he made aware the august gathering of 40 odd tablers of NSRT 258 and NTRT 299 about the different aspects of Round Table and how it works towards making this world a better place to live. He also highlighted to his fellow tablers the significance of trust, bonding and fellowship through various activities during his session.

Those present in the event were
AST Area 3, Tr Rahul Agrawala, HT Sharad Agrawal, Chairman NRT 83 Tr Nilay Verma, Chairman NSRT 258 Tr Nitin Gopalani, Chairman NTRT 299 Tr Saurabh Agrawal, VC NSRT 258 Tr Kshitiz Agrawal, VC NTRT 299 Tr Nishant Yaduka, Secretary NSRT 258 Tr Sanket Agrawal, Secretary NTRT 299 Tr Pratik Saraf, Treasurer NSRT 258 Tr Dhiraj Agrawal, Treasurer NTRT 299 Tr Amit Poddar and other tablers of NSRT 258 and NTRT 299.

Vote of thanks was proposed by Tr Suhail Rana in which he thanked Tr Piyush Daga for taking efforts and giving his time for the event.

Tr Suhail Rana (Fellowship Convener NSRT 258) and Tr Pratik Saraf (Fellowship Convener NTRT 299) worked hard to make this event a grand success.