Published On : Thu, Jul 26th, 2018

Nagpur: Snake sneaked in the police patrolling van at Kamal Square

Nagpur: The quiet Wednesday night took a chaotic turn when a snake sneaks inside the police patrolling at Kamal Square in wee hours.

As per custom, police officials under the jurisdiction of Pachpaoli were on patrolling on Wednesday night. Around 12am, they took a pause at Kamal Square where the snake sneaked inside the van. However some shopkeepers saw that snake sneaking inside the van and clued-up police officials who were unaware of this situation. Subsequently police officials rushed out of the patrolling and later informed Pankaj Bhatule, a sarpmitra. Who, accompanied with his two friends got inside the van and wedged that snake.

After which police officials breathed a sigh of relief.