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    Published On : Thu, Oct 1st, 2015

    Nagpur RTO sells Limousine for just Rs 35,000

    Nagpur-limozine-in-scrap2Nagpur: What do you get in 35,000?–Samsung smart phone? Or A flat screen TV? Or A scooter at the most? What if you get Limousine in Rs 35,000? The car Limousine once selling in lakhs of rupees as its price has now slipped down to scrap-rate in some ‘kabadi’ shop for Rs 20 a kg.

    Nagpur-limozine-in-scrap-1Limousine lying in front of Nagpur RTO office had enjoyed its luxurious days of ride in the past. If it was used in marriages, it would fetch Rs 100,000 for its one-day use.

    In fact, Limousine’s desi-version is Honda Accord- 2015 with price as Rs 28 lakh. But when the RTO came out to leash Limousine with the chain of rules, such a worth-gazing-at vehicle came to a halt or the state of being grounded. The vehicle was then clouded by burdensome road tax and tiring court-procedures to such an extent that its owner became fed up of it. And, finally the RTO decided to do away with it in the form of scrap material.

    The Limousine, which once up on a time used to be a graceful companion of city roads, is going to be sold out as a scrap.

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