Published On : Sun, Oct 27th, 2013

Nagpur rail division makes electric loco as mini-power house

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To record data of consumption and conservation, Green Cards have been issued to the loco pilots.
“The new generation of 3-phase locomotives which are in use in Nagpur division at present and working on the state-of-the-art technology not only consumes much less electrical energy in operation but also generates electricity while going on the down gradient and braking,” Divisional Railway Manager (Nagpur) Brijesh Dixit told PTI today.

“Practices like shutting engine down the loco while the trains wait for signal for longer time, coasting while going down the gradient, passing of trains through stations at maximum permissible speed and signals to be given in time, among others have been focused for ensuring maximum energy conservation,” Dixit said.

As part of the drive, 49 drivers and other staff have been awarded with star ratings with cash and merit certificates, he said.

“Optimum and skillful utilisation of these locos to the maximum advantage of Indian Railways is a challenge which Nagpur Division is meeting fully,” he said.