Published On : Sun, Nov 9th, 2014

Nagpur orange growers switching to sweet lemon; reaping rich returns


In a recent development in the region’s agrarian belt, many orange growers are reportedly shifting their crop choice from orange to sweet lemon, commonly called mousambi.

Amul Chandwani, a wholesale fruits dealer  at the Kalamna Market informed that the land texture in Nagpur and surrounding areas is appropriate for getting rich produce of  sweet lemon.

He added that sweet lemon or mausambi also comes here from Hyderabad and other places. Most wholesale traders have to use carbide to ripen the fruit. However, the sweet lemon grown in Nagpur and surrounding areas are said to be naturally sweet and needs no carbide to ripen it. The fruit automatically ripens and is in full yellow colour.

When Nagpur Today spoke to some farmers, they said that they had used the same land where oranges were grown but did not need to use the fertilizers.

Hemant Nagpure, a farmer having a big orange grove on Katol Road, claimed that sweet lemon is a better crop and yields better produce helping him to earn more than the oranges.

While speaking about the wholesale market, he said that the government has fixed the lower limit for the purchase of fruits. This way the fruit grower does not suffer losses. At the very least, he gets back what he has spent.