Published On : Sat, Sep 10th, 2016

Nagpur opting for Eco-Friendly Ganesh Visarjan

Nagpur: The concept of Eco-Friendly Ganesh immersion by Nagpur Municipal Corporation & Green Vigil Foundation at Air Force side of Futala Lake is getting huge response and acceptance. Three Earthen Bund type artificial tanks have been constructed at Air Force side of Futala Lake along with one circular artificial tank.

The concept is getting very good response from citizens. On first day itself , 163 idols were immersed in artificial tanks. On third day 105, Fourth day 55 & Fifth Day 245 idols were immersed in artificial tanks. Thus, till fifth day of visarjan 568 household Ganesha idols have been immersed in these artificial tanks. Four truck loads of nirmalya have been collected from air force side of Futala lake alone. Members of Green Vigil Foundation are present at airforce side of Futala lake on all visarjan days, encouraging devotees to adopt ecofriendly idol immersion.

While talking to Nagpur Today, Kaustav Chatterjee, Founder of Green Vigil Foundation (GVF), stated, there has been a tremendous change in mind-sets of Nagpurians. Citizens have become environment conscious. Nagpur is setting up an example of all stakeholders joining hands for saving city’s natural resources.

Daksha Borkar, Team Lead GVF pointed out, this year, the POP idols do not have red mark like previous years, hence, it is getting difficult to convince devotees about their idols made of POP. While, Surbhi Jaiswal, Co-ordinator Programs of GVF informed, every year the dissolved oxygen level of city lakes drops down to around 2 to 2.5 mg/l post Ganpati & Devi visarjan resulting in collapsing of Lake Ecosystem, hence, immersion of POP idols and nirmalyas need to be restricted at any cost.

GVF Team mainly comprising of Kaustav Chatterjee, Daksha Borkar, Surbhi Jaiswal, Bishnudeo Yadav, Sandesh Sakhare, Dadarao Mohod, Kalyani Vaidya, Shraddha Pande, Kumaresh Tikadar, Abhay Paunikar, Nikhil Bagesar, Sheetal Choudhary, Pradip Sahare, Ankit Gajbhiye along with NMC officials, Mahesh Bokare, Manish Shukla & staff of Dharampeth Zone is working hard for the success of eco-friendly visarjan at Futala Lake.