Published On : Fri, Feb 1st, 2019

Nagpur observes coldest Winters in years

Nagpur: Nagpur this time observed very low minimums which is very unusual. Till December ending (December 28) to January 2, Nagpur observed temperatures hovering around 5°C. The lowest temperature for this Winter was observed on December 29 when minimums touched 3.5°C. If we look at the data, out of 31 days in the month of January, nineteen days observed single-digit minimums. Normally however, the minimum temperatures for the month remain around the cumulative average of 13.1°C. Hence, this is a huge deviation from the usual course.

On Wenesday as well, night temperatures were recorded at 4.6 °C. This if anything, marks Severe Cold Wave conditions in the region. In the last three days, temperatures were recorded as 6.5°C, 4.6°C and 6.3°C. This on an average is again, a total of degrees below the normal mark.

Digging out a reason for this- such weather conditions can only be driven by what’s happening up North. The northerly and northeasterly winds are the ones to be blamed.

Now, an anti-cyclone over Madhya Pradesh and adjoining region will get pushed away and wind pattern will change. The next weather system will approach the region around February 4 or 5. Due to this, minimum temperatures might see a rise.