Published On : Fri, Feb 17th, 2017

Nagpur Mental hospital turns into ‘murder hospital’ with yet another kill

Nagpur: Regional mental hospital on Chhindwara road in Nagpur has now earned a tag of ‘murder hospital’. The forensic reports about the death 70-year-old Malati Pathak who was undergoing treatment at the hospital reveals that the deceased had ligature marks on her neck. This clearly hints at murder.

Prior to Malati, Mankapur police had registered a murder case a week ago following forensic reports in the death of an inmate Jayant Nerkar. It was learnt that Nerkar was strangulated to death by a fellow inmate. During probe, police found out that the alleged culprit, who is also a murder convict, had strangled Nerkar while he was in sleep in September last year following a tiff.

In the latest case, police have started probe to unearth the facts behind Malati’s murder after registering an offence which was earlier recorded as accidental death. She was a destitute woman who had been referred to the hospital through court’s order. Malati was lodged at hospital since 2008. After a brief stay outside, she had returned in 2012. Hospital sources claimed that she was a reticent woman and mostly remained calm. Her murder has left many at the hospital baffled.

Dr Pravin Navkhare, medical superintendent of mental hospital, said that CCTV cameras have been installed at emergency wards of male and female where the murders have taken place and also the numbers of attendants have been increased. “A separate and parallel inquiry into the murders would be also conducted by the office of the deputy director of health,” he said.