Published On : Sat, May 30th, 2015

Nagpur medical fraternity expresses shock over death of two doctors in road mishap


In a tragic road mishap, two doctors, two medical representatives and one hospital attendant lost their lives in the wee hours of May 30, 2015. While expressing our deepest condolences to the bereaved families, Nagpur Today were informed by various doctors who took out time from their busy schedule to express their opinion. Almost all Doctors opined that doctors over-work themselves and in order to be present in many places, they often drive their own vehicles while having tremendous mental pressures. This often causes such mishaps.

Mr-Laharwani-Dr.-Jaspal-ArnejaDr Arneja opined that this is a very tragic incident where five lives were lost. He opined that the young doctors should exercise caution. He claimed that these young doctors work throughout the day and then drive in the night to reach some other place so that they can take care of patients there. The day-long fatigue must have caught-up with the doctor who was driving the car. He added that doctors often suffer from mental fatigue and end up risking their lives in their quest to treat more patients. They should avoid this. However, he added that that is how almost every doctor functions.

Dr. Shubhangi bhaveDr Shubhangi Bhave opined that Doctors often slog and risk their own lives so that they can treat others. These doctors had slogged the whole day in the medical camp and chose to drive back which was a wrong move. She opined that every doctor must maintain their hours of work and rest too. Every doctor should avoid driving late in the night since the mental fatigue catches up.

Dr. DandeDr Dande opined that the doctors work very hard to ensure all their parents get treated. However, they should ensure their own safety too. He said that one should not put one’s own life at risk to help the sick and the ailing. He claimed that all safety measures should be taken before they venture out on such an errand.

Dr Sanjay Chaudhari claimed that this is an unfortunate incident and should not have happened. According to Dr Sanjay, these doctors and their team should not have started early in the morning with so little a rest. He too like every doctor claimed that doctors work under tremendous mental stress and pressure while delivering their services in various hospitals. Had they started a little later after taking some rest, this accident could have been averted. Hurrying to their destinations with such mental stress and fatigue without a driver is definitely risky.

Dr Uday BodhankarDr Uday Bodhankar expressed his deepest heartfelt condolences to the bereaved families, and said that may their souls rest in peace. Dr Bodhankar added that he is numbed by the sheer waste of a precious young medical professional in a tragic mishap.

Dr-Varsha-Dhawle-186x400Dr Varsha Dhawle said that she is shocked after hearing the news of the death of two medical professionals. However, she said that we doctors when we do the social work or attend to medical camps need a rest or a break. Almost all professionals need breaks. Dr Varsha claimed that ideally after a physical and mental exertion, one needs at least a rest of six solid hours of break. Doctors should definitely avoid driving in the night. She said that driving after a strenuous exertion is a strict “No”. One can always start after resting properly.