Nagpur man dies of Covid after taking both doses of vaccine

Nagpur: Pawar, an MR by profession was one of the first to begin vaccination in the city. According to information given by his family, he participated in the trial runs of drug Covaxin being conducted at Nagpur Medical College. He was just 55 but being a diabetic was allowed to be included in the trial.

Thus by March both his doses had been given.

Maybe because he considered he was “safe from Corona now” he neglected getting an RTPCR done when he got all the symptoms like cough, cold and fever.

Finally when his cough became very severe he got tested and the result was positive. He got admitted immediately and was straight away put on ventilator. By now his HRCT score was 25 and his lungs almost totally incapacitated. He didn’t survive and passed away during Holi.

” Pawar neglected a basic tenet people are being warned about. No vaccine grants 100% protection. 70 to 80% is the best rate we hope for. Thus vaccinated people have to keep on taking precautions like wearing mask, washing hands and maintaining social distance” opined Dr Pradeep Barad, Orthopedic surgeon who knew the Pawar family well.

Dr Alka Pawar, the deceased ‘s wife had been his patient for a long time. She had passed away over an 4 year ago- before Covid began..Then their only daughter got married and moved away.

Pawar had been battling depression for some time but being still relatively young had plans for his future life. All gone to dust now.

” Please do not be scared of getting RTPCR done. Early detection, more than vaccination is the key to beating Corona” pleads Dr Barad earnestly.

.. Sunita Mudaliyar