Published On : Mon, Sep 4th, 2017

Nagpur Hospital Exposed: Treated for Head Problem, Patient found with surgical cuts on his stomach and chest. Kidney racket Suspected

Nagpur: Hukumchand Navakhe Choukikar was a worker employed at Western Coalfields mine in Waghoda near Kalmeshwar.

He was suffering from some head related health issues since 31st August, for which the WCL Doctors referred him to hospital in Dhantoli Nagpur. The Nagpur hospital admitted him for treatment and advised surgery on his head.

But while he was still undergoing treatment, suddenly on 3rd September, his dead body wrapped in a white sheet was handed over to his relatives in the afternoon at 2.30 p.m. along with a Death Certificate.

“We could not save him” was allegedly the only terse message they were given. Hukumchand was 51 years of age and otherwise in good health.

His relatives took his body home and began preparing for his last rights.

Since some relatives were expected from far away, the body was kept at his residence till then. Fearing that her husband’s body would become stiff, Hukumchand’s wife decided to rub ghee over it to keep it soft.

When she removed the sheet covering him she was very surprised to find two fresh surgical cuts on his stomach and chest. The cut on the stomach was below his belly button on the right. It was sutured with almost 16 stitches. The cut on his chest was on the left. She beckoned some relatives present there and showed them the cuts.

Immediately it was suspected that the worker’s kidneys and other vital organs like liver also could have been harvested.

The news spread like wild fire and Police personnel attached to Saoner like API Bhoyar, Hussain Pathan and Nistane reached the spot.

Meanwhile some other relatives had already begun process of taking body for cremation by tying it to wood ladder.

The police and other officers present there took the body into custody, along with ladder and sent it to Govt. hospital Saoner.

It is planned to carry a post mortem at IGMC tommorow on Tuesday. Villagers are demanding that the post mortem be taped on video so there is no suspicion or attempt to cove up what really happened.

Further details are awaited.

NT hopes this is not a sign of a organs racket being carried out on unsuspecting patients in Nagpur hospitals