Nagpur greets 2020 with rains as cops keep revelry in check

Nagpur: As the last day of previous year touched it’s final destination of dusk, the night gradually transformed into glittering shine in Nagpur to accord a rousing welcome to New Year 2020

Thanks to the joy and revelry that percolated through cold breeze in the city, the citizens displayed the spirit of celebration that certainly surpassed the cloudy day and shivering night. As the clock ticked 12, even the rain God obliged to give a showering applause to the new year.

While the people gave way to the celebration and let loose their exuberance, Nagpur police ensured that there should be no turbulence. Right from the ‘hotspot’ Futala lake to many surprise check joints, every nook and corner of the city had men in khaki, rightfully on duty!

As a result most of the bars in the city that usually remains crowded, reportedly ran the show empty seated on 31st night. “It’s the routine feature every year.

The fright of being caught under breath analysers is enough to keep booze lovers away from bars and public places. We couldn’t even match our daily business for this simple reason,” said a pub owner operating out of plush locality in Nagpur.

However, the police not only ensured the peaceful celebration, but they actually displayed it too! The cops also accorded floral greetings to the citizens and as a friendly gesture they presented roses to the commuters at busy squares.

Editor’s Note
So, while you are in to give 2020 a promising start, we are out to wish you a bright new year ahead. Nagpur Today wishes all the happiness and prosperity to all our readers. Keep showering us with your patronage.

May all your dreams turn into reality in 2020. Happy New Year! Stay blessed.