Published On : Wed, Jan 11th, 2017

Nagpur gives thumbs up to Lopamudra Raut on social media

As the reality show Bigg Boss enters its last few weeks, Nagpur fans are going all out to ensure that city girl Lopamudra Raut (Miss United Continents 2016, second Runner-up) wins the show. We give you the lowdown on the pull and push strategies being adopted by her fans….

Support from the fan club
As the race to win the title of Bigg Boss intensifies, Lopa’s fans are ensuring that she gets maximum votes from all quarters. They have formed a fan club and promote her through a Facebook page wherein over 13000 active members appeal one another to cast their votes to save Lopa from eviction. Admin of the page Vicky Harinkhede elaborates, “The whole purpose of creating this fan club is to build a strong support group for Lopa. Fans update on how many SMSes they have sent to save her and post their reactions on her presence in the show after every episode. We also moderate the comments so that no fan abuses her or other contestants from the show. Our only motive is to push for Lopa’s victory.” He goes on to add, “We keep posting Lopa’s pictures from the Bigg Boss house at regular intervals.

Family on the toes
The countdown for the finale has begun and Lopa is definitely seen as a potential winner. So, her family and relatives have pulled up their socks and are leaving no stone unturned to support her. Lopa’s sister Bhagyashree Raut shares, “We had created a WhatsApp group when she had entered the house. In this group, we have added all the members of our family and close relatives who religiously vote for her. I’m also managing her official social media accounts and keep updating about her regularly. I’m also constantly in touch with her school and college teachers who are equally rooting for her and making a vote appeal through social media. In fact, our neighbours have also enthusiastically joined the mission and they keep campaigning for her.”

College connect
Along with her die-hard fans from the city, her juniors from Raisoni College have joined the bandwagon and wish Lopa comes out as a winner. They have created various hashtags on twitter like #LopamudraRaut #BB10Lopa in order to make Lopa trend online. One of the Raisonians Dinesh Jadhav, who is actively involved in this endeavour says, “Lopa has not only made Nagpur but also our country proud. She is a source of inspiration for many youngsters like me. So, to give her full support, every Friday, we hold a group meeting at our college canteen and discuss various tactics to make sure Lopa remains in the show. Apart from voting, we keep tweeting every now and then to keep her trending online. We post about the positive personality traits and discuss highlights of the episodes. It is heartening to know that not only Nagpurians, but people from all over the country are also quite impressed with her and want her to take the winner’s trophy home. Also, soon after she is safe, each member of the group begins to tweet from their respective twitter handles.”