Published On : Fri, Jun 2nd, 2023

Nagpur experiences coolest May in over three decades: Data

Nagpur: The Second Capital of Maharashtra witnessed its coolest May in the last 33 years, as confirmed by data released by the Regional Meteorological Centre (RMC) in Nagpur.

According to the data, the average maximum temperature for the month of May this year was recorded at 39.9 degrees Celsius, marking the lowest average temperature in over three decades. The previous record for a lower average temperature was set in May 1990 when Nagpur recorded an average maximum temperature of 37.6 degrees Celsius.


According to the data from the RMC, Nagpur City experienced an uncharacteristically cool May this year. The average maximum temperature of 39.9 degrees Celsius was notably lower than the typical temperatures observed during this time of the year. This significant drop in temperature contributed to making May 2023 the coolest in over three decades, captivating the attention of meteorologists and residents alike.

The previous record for the lowest average maximum temperature in May dates back to 1990 when Nagpur City recorded an average temperature of 37.6 degrees Celsius. The stark difference between this record and the current figure further emphasizes the notable deviation witnessed in May 2023. This significant variation highlights the exceptional nature of this year’s cooler temperatures, leaving meteorologists intrigued by the unusual weather patterns observed in the region.

According to Praveen Kumar, Scientist at RMC, this May, the highest maximum temperature for Nagpur was 44.3 degree Celsius. The maximum temperature remained above 40 degrees for 16 days in the month. Whereas, in May 2021, the mercury levels had crossed 40 degrees on 21 days, said Kumar. The scientist added that on most of the days Nagpur saw negative departures in the temperature.

This May’s cooler conditions can be attributed to many different factors including the increase in moisture in lower and middle troposphere due to western disturbances, and the influx of moisture from Arabian Sea by the westerly winds.

The data further revealed that Nagpur received a total 23.4 millimetres of rainfall this May. The total number of rainy days were three this year, which is lower than May 2021, when the total rainfall was 36.9 mm recorded on six rainy days. In 2015, the total rainfall for the same month was 38.5mm with six rainy days,” said the data.

While the India Meteorological Department (IMD) has predicted a delay in monsoon onset over Kerala, no official announcement has been made for Vidarbha. Met officials however said that a slight delay of 2-3 days is expected.

On Thursday, Nagpur recorded a maximum temperature of 42.5 degree Celsius. Akola was the hottest in the region at 44.3 degree Celsius. RMC has issued a heatwave warning for Wardha, Chandrapur, Amravati and Akola for Friday and Saturday.