Published On : Wed, Sep 2nd, 2015

Nagpur district to be transformed into ‘Tourism District’: Bawankule

Nagpur: “Nagpur district has ample resources gifted by Nature, like naturally built water tanks, lakes forests and sanctuaries, and so, they can be developed into attractive spots for tourists as well as employment seekers through tourism. Therefore, various proposals lying with water resource department must be activated,” said Guardian Minister Chandrashekhar Bawankule during a meeting with Maharashtra Water Resources Minister Girish Mahajan at Mantralaya, yesterday.

He informed, Chief Engineer Chavan has been asked to submit proposals worth Rs 305 crore under Maharashtra irrigation improvement programme, pertaining to required extension and revision in seven works of lining. Besides, second time administratively approved 11 technical works worth Rs 296 crore pertaining to repair and maintenance of left and right canals of Pech project and also dressing of branch channels have been sanctioned, and for this, three months’ time-frame has been fixed for completion of tendering process.

According to him, the main canals of Pench project got damaged 45 times in past 10 years. As a result, the Water Resource Department would provide a fund of Rs 42 crore for their repair works in order to avert heavy loss.

It was informed in the meeting that every year the government gets Rs 25 to 30 crore from Pench project as revenue, Pani Patti Nidhi. And, Rs 3-4 crore are given every year for maintenance of project, now a proposal has been tabled to enhance this amount to Rs 10 to 15 crore per year.

The Water Resources Minister said in the meeting that for irrigation management in three divisions of Nagpur district, only 179 employees are there while the posts of 616 employees are already sanctioned according to jurisdiction. However, the scope is being studied whether these posts could be filled on contract basis, he added.