Published On : Tue, Apr 18th, 2017

Nagpur bakes at 45°

Nagpur : The region of Vidarbha which has the record of registering highest temperatures in the Nation has once again trailed second in registering a temperature of 45.8 degree Celsius. While the hottest place in the nation was Sriganganagar in the state of Rajasthan.

The city of Nagpur registered a temperature of 45 degree Celsius. As predicted by the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), heat wave continued to grip the parts of the Vidarbha region. The Brahmapuri district in the Chandrapur was the second hottest place in the nation. The temperature soared high to 45.8 degrees Celsius in Brahmapuri.

However, the parts of Vidarbha such as Akola, Chandrapur, Wardha and others recorded a temperature of 45.9 degree Celsius on Sunday noon. In the last days of March the region witnessed a steep a rise in mercury. The administration has appealed to the citizens to stay indoors from 12 pm to 5 pm due to the rising temperature. Last year the city observed a temperature rise in the month of April. It seems that the temperature may rise to a boiling point post month of April in days to come.

The citizens were seen moving across the city covering their faces and head. If experts are believed, people have risk of getting sunstrokes due to abysmal high temperatures.

The IMD had issued a warning of steep rise in temperatures in days to come. Citizens are also facing health hazards including sunstrokes and dehydration due to extreme heat. The statement of IMD reads, “Heat wave conditions very likely to prevail at many places of Vidarbha and Madhya Pradesh and at isolated places over certain locations at Chhattisgarh.” It also added that the dry weather will be observed throughout the day. The city temperature on Sunday noon was 0.3 degrees Celsius a normal.