Published On : Tue, May 31st, 2016

Nagpur awaits rains as Nautapa draws to an end!

Nautapa Garmi
As Nautapa, the nine extremely hot days of summer, draws towards an end, Nagpur is anticipating the significant drop in the soaring temperature which stood at considerably low at 43.1° C on Monday. Tired and exhausted with the soaring temperatures, the city people are desperately awaiting pre monsoon showers. But they have to wait for some more days as the Met department has predicted a week’s delay in monsoon arrival. The discomfort among the citizens is quite evident as many of the areas in Nagpur are reeling under severe water crisis. Nagpur Today strolled out in the city to have a look at how the city is doing under such weather challenges. Let’s take a tour at what we got!

Health faces heat
The extreme heat conditions have given rise to increasing health symptoms leading to sunburns, heat cramps, loose-motions, fevers and headaches. The temperature have gone down a little but the city roads especially Sitabuldi main road market still wore a deserted look. Most city roads wore a deserted look.

Traffic cops in action
Surprisingly, the traffic cops are seen braving scorch on the busy stretches. Standing true to their duty, most of the traffic department staff is out on the roads and on squares to regulate traffic and apprehend violators of traffic rules including helmet-less driving.

Nagpur Heat
Hot spirit turns aside temperature
Plants have died, lakes have dried up, water-scarcity is at its peak but the citizens have taken every challenge heads on! The desert coolers came as a blessing to those who are living on the top floors. Those who had anticipated the extreme hot weather carefully planned long time ago and took a vacation to places where the temperature is really cool, but those who had could not go had to bear the intensity of heat.