Published On : Thu, Aug 30th, 2012

Nagpur Art Gallery


Nagpur is fast growing as a metropolitan city having large number of corporate houses, industries, and other businesses. Professional artist fulfils the need of industry, and therefore displaying art of professionals bridges the gap between the industry and the professionals.

There are large number of students undergoing fine arts degrees in an around nagpur. This is perfect platform for students of fine art & photography. This also will satisfy customers for the upcoming and new fine arts in the area.

If I have to talk about N.A.G. so, Nagpur Art Gallery is a portal devised to cater to the needs of Artists, Photographers exhibition and sell of art online. Artists are quite enthused by the options that have opened up for them through these online portals. Physical exhibitions in art galleries, only limited number of people can see the art whereas, through internet the art can reach all over the world to a targeted audience.


For collectors and buyers of art too, the online medium spells more freedom. “There is less pressure from the gallery to buy in an online space and there is enough time to compare prices, thus lending greater transparency.”

It’s endeavour is to make available the original fine art and photographs to the millions of art collectors and buyers all over the world from the genuine and professional artist around the Vidharbha area. The gallery is divided into 3 main categories wherein the artists can get themselves registered and display their arts. It expect the artist to have ability to exhibit extra-ordinary technical skill, an authentic, distinctive style of his own arts and paintings.\r\nIt works like For Customers: This virtual gallery represents two categories of artists

1. Professional\r\n2. Amateur

Each image on the homepage is the featured original art of an artist. You can simply slide the art exhibit of your choice and check respective artists” portfolio. Available subcategories include Abstract Painting Figurative Painting, Landscapes, Digital Painting, Ceramics, Photographs, Prints, Sculpture . This gives ample scope for you to explore, compare and take your own time for selection and going for right art.

For Artists:

We take an active role in the marketing and sales of artists” original art or photography through online global media. Artists are separated into two different categories and their portfolio includes education, experience and skills. The original featured art will be displayed on the front-page which specifically will include skilled & unique art.\r\nPortal will provide you with all your arts to make visible throughout the globe and provide you with facebook, twitter, Linkedin and Myspace integration.

• The art works displayed on the portal for sale are not in the physical custody of Nagpurart Gallery and are physically located anywhere around the globe.

• The piece of art collectibles on the website will be sold on the price listed. No discounts will be granted.

• The address provided at the time of billing will be treated as final and the art works will be shipped to the same.

• All invoices will be raised by the artist based on the registration information provided by the buyer at the time of finalizing the purchase. Payment will be accepted only on the name of the buyer so registered.

• The cost of piece of art is inclusive of taxes.

• All sales are made against 100% advance payment.

• Payment once received will not be refunded neither order once placed will be cancelled.

• Shipping and handling charges will be charged extra and will variate according to the shipment destination.

• The creations will be remitted to buyer by the artist through a courier of good name. In the incidence of any damage to the art work during transit the buyer should not accept the package and should immediately bring the matter to the notice of Nagpur Art Gallery.

• Nagpurart gallery holds no responsibility of transportation or shipment of art work. The shipment of art work will be managed by the artist.

• The Format in which the art work will be shipped will be a matter mutually decided between artist and buyer. Nagpurart gallery holds no liability of packaging of the same.

• While great care is taken to reproduce the colors and form of paintings as depicted on the website, it is understood that since each painting is individually painted there may be variations in shade and color. No complaints in this regard would be entertained.

• Nagpur Art gallery holds no liability. We are not obliged to provide any primal physical viewing of the art works to the buyers. We do not hold any liability as regards the condition of the piece of art.

• The artists have given an upper hand to Nagpur Art Gallery to exercise complete discretion in the illustration and descriptions of art works for viewing and sale and acceptance or rejection of orders received.

• The art work will not be sold until we receive the payment. The conformation of receipt of payment will be sent to buyer from Nagpur Art Gallery.

• Disputes if any will be subject to Nagpur jurisdiction only.

Buying a fine art is an investment and pleasure for the collectors to value for the art and its intrinsic value. This portal through online exhibition allows the viewer to buy online the exhibits.






Suhani Vanjani