Published On : Mon, Apr 17th, 2017

Nagpur ACB now serious about nailing corrupt govt officials

Nagpur: The piling cases of corruption has been the major concern for Anti Corruption Bureau, thanks to the lack of solid complaints against the corrupt personnel at various government offices. But now ACB has decided not to let it go anyway as it has decided such corrupt personnel would not be spared for the sake of tangible complaints. The sleuths now want to take pending enquiries against them to logical conclusions.

The agency is set to prepare ‘source reports’ regarding corrupt officials on the basis of confidential information to enable themselves to initiate action against those involved in misusing official power and positions or the ones who have amassed ill-gotten wealth.

Similarly, ACB also aims to complete open enquiries to either let off innocent personnel or register offence against the corrupt ones. The open probes are preceded by discreet enquiries which are initiated after confidential information reaches ACB for action.

ACB has already prepared it’s own ‘blacklist’ of unscrupulous personnel on the basis of information revolving around their various malpractices. Apart from its self-generated ‘blacklists’ of different departments, ACB has also procured names of dishonest personnel from their respective units.

It is learnt that government departments too have been preparing their own ‘blacklists’ on the basis of various internal enquiries initiated against a personnel. Even before such departmental enquiries reach a conclusion, different units are likely to share and alert ACB regarding such personnel.

Sanjay Darade, superintendent of police, state ACB (Nagpur region), said ‘blacklists’ can act as a base for preparing ‘source reports’ against a government employee in absence of any complaint with the agency.
“The source reports are sent from regional ACB units to the headquarters. Once the ACB top brass approves the source reports, action can be kick-started on the basis of the sanction. Subsequently, legal action would follow as per the nature of offences committed,” Darade said.

He said that some source reports have been already sent to the headquarters for approval. “Many times, an unscrupulous personnel may get away with his/her wrongdoings as there are no complaints. The actions on the basis of source reports would help nab such officials even if there is no formal complaint. Victims cannot come to the fore several times to formally lodge complaints due to fear or other factors. In such cases, the source reports would play a crucial role,” Darade said.

Apart from emphasizing on the significance and impact of ‘source reports’, ACB is also focused on completing ‘open enquiries’ pending for the last few years. It has been reliably learnt that around 75 open enquiries, including the ones from 2007 onwards, have been taken up for completion.

The reports, sent by the investigations officers, are scrutinized by the SP before they are sent to the ACB head office for approval. “Around 26 reports have reached the SP so far. Investigations into 65 trap cases have been taken up. Till December last year, ACB managed to complete investigations into 62 trap cases,” Darade added.