Mystery deepens over Dhawad couple missing since 123 days, worst being feared

Lawyers demand to hand over probe to Crime Branch

Nagpur: The mystery is deepening with each passing day. Now, worst is being feared. A renowned lawyer of the city Adv Bhaiyyasaheb Dhawad and his wife Vanita went missing and have now been untraceable for 123 days. The cops seem clueless even though Ajni police have been investigating and searching the couple painstakingly. Interestingly, the lawyer Bhaiyyasaheb Dhawad and his wife Vanita left their home with only clothes that they wore and without taking anything. They left their all essential things such as identity cards, ATM cards, bank passbooks, clothes, chappals and even specs and medicines.

Famous for settling many claims and helping many victims get compensation from Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Tribunal of accidents, Adv Dhawad (62) and his wife Vanita (53) have been missing since July 29 night. Now, the cops are begging to assume the worst as the couple was last seen in their LaxmiPrayag Apartment in Wanjari Nagar on July 28 by neighbours. The day the incident took place, the couple’s son Mrunal (serving in a bank in Washim) was present in the house.

The neighbours did not know the couple was missing until cops started asking questions. The cops initially thought it was a simple case of domestic feud leading to the couple leaving the house. The couple had left home without any cash, mobile phones, ATM cards, and even medicines. The specs Bhaiyyasaheb regularly used were also found in the house.

However, the cops left no stone unturned in searching the couple. Not only the city cops but the entire State police scanned all possible places to trace the couple since past 123 days. Police of other states have also been informed about the missing couple. However, cops are still clueless on whereabouts of the couple, their fate. The probing cops could only ascertain that the couple was tense soon after marriage of their son Mrunal. Mrunal’s wife had left the family home after a tiff with Vanita on July 24. Mrunal did not ask any of the neighbours or others about his parents for three days hours before he filed a missing complaint. Now, cops don’t rule out the couple meeting dreadful fate. It is unlikely the couple left home over a routine domestic argument.

The Deputy Commissioner of Police Zone 4 Nilesh Bharne has appealed the people to inform police if they have any information regarding the couple or see them anywhere. The people can contact Ajni Police Inspector Shailesh Sankhe on 99011041281, PSI Jadhav on 9765860359, or Ajni Police Station 0712-2746555. The name of the informer will be kept secret.

As the area has no CCTV cameras installed cops are finding it difficult to which direction the couple went.

The newly elected President of Nagpur District Bar Association Adv Kamal Satuja said that a delegation of lawyers would soon be meeting Commissioner of Police Dr Bhushankumar Upadhyay and demand to hand over the investigations to Crime Branch.

The District Government Pleader Adv Nitin Telgote also echoed the demand of Adv Satuja. “Considering the serious nature of the matter the probe should be handed over to Crime Branch without any delay,” he asserted.

Ravikant Kamble