Published On : Thu, Jul 4th, 2024

Mystery death in Nagpur’s Wadi: Cops register murder case


Nagpur: Wadi Police have registered a murder case following the suspicious death of Rajesh Raghav Tiwari (40) on Monday night at New Mhada LIG Colony in Wadi, Nagpur. Rajesh was brutally assaulted by three persons over a financial dispute.

The accused in the case include Tej Pratap, Karan, and an unidentified youth. According to Sohani, wife of Rajesh, around 12.30 am on Monday night, Tej Pratap, Karan, and an unknown youth arrived at their residence. When Rajesh answered the door, they demanded he step outside with them. Rajesh agreed, stating he would return in five minutes. However, when he did not return after half an hour, Sohani ventured outside. She discovered the accused assaulting Rajesh severely.


Sohani witnessed the trio bring Rajesh back into the house in a semiconscious state, assuring her he would regain consciousness soon. Inside, Karan allegedly threatened Sohani and demanded she make tea while making inappropriate advances towards her. When Sohani questioned the reason behind Rajesh’s beating, the accused asserted they hadn’t yet beaten him enough and threatened further violence if their money wasn’t repaid.

The assailants absconded with Rajesh’s motorcycle. On Tuesday morning, upon attempting to wake Rajesh, she discovered he had passed away. Examination revealed injuries on Rajesh’s lips, back, and shoulder. Initially deemed an accidental death, community outrage compelled the police to register a case to murder. According to police, one of the accused’s phone numbers was traced to Sohani’s possession. The police have launched a probe to arrest the accused.