Published On : Thu, Dec 7th, 2017

Mysterious posters of Ahmed Patel and new sex CDs of Hardik turn up in Gujarat

Congress Banner

New Delhi: Two days to go for polls and some posters supposedly put up by Congress party have mushroomed in many places in and around Surat.

The posters two photos: of Ahmed Patel and Rahul Gandhi. The message is spelled out loud and clear leaving nothing to guess work.

It calls out to Gujarat Muslims to vote for Congress and help make Ahmed Patel C.M. of the state.

So what’s wrong with this poster?

Not just the Congress party, but the man himself, Ahmed Patel denies having put them.

“There is no question of me aspiring or even wanting to be Gujarat C.M.! This has never even come up for discussion” he clarifies.

He puts it to the dirty works department of BJP, the ruling party of the state.

“They are using every devious way to divide the electorate and create confusion. Shows how desperate they have become!” He insists.

The BJP on the other hand shirks off any knowledge of the posters.

“In the thick of impending elections, why would we go around putting up posters of Congress?” The BJP spokesperson asks.

Something else that has surfaced is sex CD of Hardik. Yes,more of them!

Hardik Patel shrugs it off by saying ” they don’t bother me. Why should they bother anyone else. Enjoy!”

But on a serious note, he goes on to say “the ruling party has nothing to show by way of real Vikas, so they are stooping to this.”