Muttemwar sets tone with Padyatra

Nagpur Today: Vilas Muttemwar, has proved to be a good leader, he listens to the woes of people wherever he goes. He understands the needs of the citizens. Since Muttemwar is highly motivated and excited about the cause of people, he is able to relate to the problems faced by the citizens and assures of redressal when his party comes to power. With his excellent public relations that he has built over the past so many years, and walking to the door steps of the citizens even in this hot sun make his wanted and liked. People garland him wherever he goes.

Nagpur Today followed Vilas Muttemwar on his 8th day of walking campaign (Padyatra).

09:15 am: Bhola High School Motibagh:


09:40 am: Motibagh


10:40 am: Lashkaribagh


11:05 am: Panchpaoli


11:15 am: Ashi Nagar: Muttemwar rested for a few minutes, had a glass of water and resumed his Padhyatra


12:10 am: Adarsh Bunkar Society