Muttemwar adds personal touch to his padyatra

Nagpur News.

Seven-time MP, Vilas Muttemwar is in the fray for the fifth term in a row from the Nagpur Lok Sabha constituency. Nagpur has always been a Congress bastion. In order to maintain the trust which the citizens of Nagpur had bestowed on Congress, Muttemwar is reaching out to the citizens of various areas. This way, he is adding a personal touch to the campaign.

Nagpur Today followed him in his out-reach & reconnect mission.


09:00 am: Chota Taj Bagh


09:30 am: Duttatray Nagar


10:15 am: Bhande Plot Square


11:10 am: Bada Taj Bagh, Umred Road: He took a long time here. He roamed all streets and lanes.


11:30 am: Adarsh Colony