Published On : Thu, Jun 2nd, 2016

Murderer of 55-year-old man turns out to be step son

Imamwada Murder (2)
: Fast investigations by the Detective Branch (DB Squad) of Imambada Police Station and sleuths of Nagpur Crime Branch brought to fore the real culprit behind the murder of the 55-year-old man in Jattarodi Lane No 2 on June 2, 2016.

According to the police sources, immediately after the murder, the cops of Imambada Police Station and sleuths of Nagpur Crime Branch started investigations from all angles.

Till late in the evening, the wife of the deceased was not in a condition to give a statement to the cops. The cops then called the step son identified as Trilok Janware a resident of Lalbagh area. During the questioning, Trilok Janware broke down and the facts of the murder came to fore. Trilok Janware is alleged to have confessed to have committed the murder because of many reasons.

According to police sources, Trilok Janware had harboured animosity towards his step father Tulsi Chauhan. Trilok claimed that his mother Sita Chauhan who was a Class-IV employee of NMC had started living with the deceased Tulsi a few years ago. The deceased Tulsi was not employed anywhere. His only source of income was through alleged black-magic that he was practicing. The deceased had allegedly constructed a temple of Goddess Kali near his door step and had passed the word that Goddess Kali was active in that temple. He had also spread word that he could solve people’s problems through black magic.

Trilok had alleged that his mother Sita Chauhan had earned ill-fame because of her marriage and her living with the deceased. His sister’s death two months ago too was blamed on the deceased by the accused step son. He had alleged that with his mother adhering to her present husband had stopped giving financial support to him which too had irked him. The step father had caused some hindrance in the equal division of their (Trilok’s) ancestral property. All this combined had enraged the accused step son and he decided to eliminate his step father.

The accused confessed that he had come in the noon hours and had some argument with his step father and when he angered him further with insults, he stabbed him repeatedly on his neck, forehead and nose and killed him. His mother (wife of the deceased) who tried to save her husband too sustained injuries as he had attacked his own mother for trying to save the deceased.